XXL Premiere: Customer Cornelia Shows Us Their Favorites Of Fall Fashion Shop

1000 The Love Cornelia Thanks! Finally, We See The Fashion Also Live. Here Their Four Favorite Parts:

  1. dress in anthracite by X-two, cuddly soft and stretchig very comfortable to wear. V-neckline and A form. This plays well.

Cornelia is an O-type (here the figure types at a glance) is the main weight on the center of the body.The shoulders are pronounced, therefore it requires no shoulder pads (like many other types of O).

After some trial and error, we have found that E.g. raglan sleeves are nothing to them: they can be wide and bulky work the shoulder and upper arm area.

Used are more beautiful or like the glassmakers sweater (below) überschnittene sleeves.

Her slender legs, which like to show them in narrow pants or leggings are enviable.

The most beautiful tops for Cornelia are cut into A shape.

She likes V-necks, but a next round neckline are also waved through.

And preferably black.

Friendly gray suits also.(Grey is the new black!)

  1. who is Cornelia’s absolute always again favorite piece: atunic from Jersey in A formwith 3/4 sleeves.

The tummy, plays loose offers enough freedom of movement and is easy to maintain: wash, dry on a hanger, put on, finished.

  1. the big surprise was thebeerefarbene glassmakers sweater.

Actually colour a no-go, but super comfortable in it she felt after some testing.

I found that the color really flatters their complexion. A must-have!

Who really wants to pamper, with sweaters or cardigans by Gandhi always wrong: the top quality you can see from afar.

The stuff remain for decades in form and color, nix exfoliates or different washes.

Because it’s worth a few euros to spend more.

This sweater with Colorblocking in two shades of Berry has a 3/4 arm and falls through the form of A slightly zipfelig.

  1. also the feeling cozyCardigan by Maximawas one of the Favorites.Here again the dropped sleeve, length and more comfortable wearing comfort.

Cornelia I thank you for the kind permission of the photos and the courage to show here on the blog. As always, our meeting has been much fun. Love greetings!

If you want to play model sometimes with me in the store: write an email to: inescordes [at] web.de and briefly describe your dress size, body size, preferences, desires and dislikes.

We dating, try out many parts, decide what suits you best and you like and take a few pictures. Like without a face if you want to remain anonymous.

As a thank you, you will receive a giveaway from the current range.

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