What’s in Your Bag?

What beauty essentials and accessories actually inspire the stars? Now, we take a look into the pockets of famous people. Top model Stefanie Giesinger makes the beginning!

1 exudes sexiness and self-confidence: “wonder lust” by Michael Kors. 2 Hollywood’s beauty secret for sensationally soft and full lips: “Plumprageous matte lip treatment” by Glamglow. 3 Ultraglossy and non-stick: “lip luster” in signal color siren by Michael Kors. 4 conjures up matte flawless skin and fine pores. “Photo finish pore minimizing Primer” in travel-size by Smashbox. 5 dry shampoo and volume styling wonders in one: “prêt à powder”, travel-size from Bumble and bumble. 6 handbag by MICHAEL Michael Kors

Less than two years it’s been, that Stefanie of GAMO as winner of the casting show “Germany’s next top model” went out. Meanwhile, the international catwalks are her second home. Beauty from Kaiserslautern jets around the world – she always has their beauty Favorites in the luggage. A look into her handbag says on what key pieces of the model not do without.


Her absolute favorite of the fragrance is “Wonder lust” by Michael Kors. And it is in good company. Because even ultramodern and Victoria’s secret Angel Lily Aldridge raves for the fragrance. Michael Kors has chosen it even to the face of the campaign. “Lily has this very special wonder lust’-fluid: elegance and sense of adventure spontaneity aura of strength,”, explains the designer.

Stefanie Giesinger asked the supermodel and the star designer to the mystery of “Wonder Lust”. Michael Kors is the beginning…


Mr. Kors, the first question goes to you: whence comes the name “Wonder Lust” -?


It is a play on words with wonder and wanderlust – here the wonderful with the appetite and the desire blends for the adventure. “Wonder Lust” inspired to break out, so more dealing with the path to the destination.

How would you describe the personality of the fragrance?


Curious, romantic, spontaneous – a sensual adventuress.

The fragrance is an “Oriental floral Gourmand”. What exactly does that mean?


I love floral aromas and citrus accents. But I wanted an unusual composition that chic is very new for your very own. Therefore, we have mixed the subtle sweetness of vanilla and almonds with a heady bouquet of flowers, bergamot, and soft, Woody notes.

The essence is retro with a modern twist. What style icons of past and present represent the “wonder lust” spirit?


I thought at the first true Jet setter: Lauren Hutton and Ali MacGraw. In the here and now, I see a passionate woman, a cosmopolitan, looking for adventure, such as Lily Aldridge and also Kate Hudson.

Mrs Aldridge, You are the face of the new fragrance by Michael Kors. Why?

First I feel very honored that I can be the face of “Wonder Lust”. I think it’s great to be a Michael Kors women! Behind the scent and the whole campaign, which by the way was photographed by Mario Testino, hides a world of luxury, our site and adventure. The fragrance is a tribute to life.

What do you love about “Wonder Lust”?

I’m crazy about this floral composition. “Wonder Lust” is so sophisticated and complex. It’s a scent which you do not get enough. You can always wear it: day and night and on every occasion.

How do you feel with “Wonder Lust”?


And as carry the fragrance, there is a ritual?

Perfume is a very important part of my beauty routine. I think only the scent completes the look, because it comes a feeling of luxury. I spray it on the wrists, and sometimes even in my hair.

What was the most intense “wonder lust”-wait, you have experienced together with Michael Kors?

The campaigns shooting was “very wonder lust”. It was pure spontaneous, elitist, exciting – Jetset.

What is “Wonder Lust” for you personally?

Definitely more than just a fragrance, it is a lifestyle. A mantra. “Wonder Lust” inspired, to be guided by his emotions, to remain curious, to see the our site in all and confidently to go his way.

And what about the “wonder lust” look for you?

The wind windswept hair and sun kissed skin.

Her career seems even a great adventure. Has your life “wonder lust” flair?

In my job traveling revolves around, every moment I discover the world from a different angle. It is so exciting. You never know where life leads you tomorrow. This is pure “Wonder Lust”.

Tell us to some beauty secrets?

I pay attention to a healthy skin, drink plenty of water and clean my face very thoroughly every night.

And what do you do for your fitness?

I love my Ballet workout. Since I am constantly on the go, I just do via Skype. This works everywhere.

Take with you on trips.

A bottle of “Wonder Lust” and a moisturizer with SPF.

Your content on the go?

Most of the time I tie my hair to a ballet node and wearing sunshades to.

What do you associate with the following terms:

Adventure? Try something new – and, as often as you can.

Romance? Love does not mean to lose one’s self.

Discovery? Create a list of all the places in the world that you’d like to see, and then visit one after the other.

Back to you, Michael Kors:

Where, when, and why should the Michael Kors women have to wear the scent?

Just whenever she want to feel confident and sexy. I think the nose should be surprising. This is also the concept of “Wonder Lust”.

The Flacon is a fashion statement. He is minimalist and seems to radiate out. Then this exciting combination of gold and pink…

The design reflected the “wonder lust”-spirit. It stands for the lightness of being, and the idea to seize the opportunities offered by life, spontaneously and to experience fantastic moments. In this sense, also the colors are symbolic and reminiscent of the spectacular sunset on a paradise island. Gold was always a part of my design language. It is the incarnation of luxury and our site.



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