We Make Shoulder-Free: Carmen Blouse As A Plush Trend

This spring it is called: Show your shoulders, because a very special fashion enters the plussize wardrobe: The Carmenbluse!

It makes the shoulder part a feminine leading actor and can be styled so versatile that it is a pleasure to wear as well as to look. The Carmenbluse is also comfortable: as it is usually made of soft-flowing, partly transparent materials and is cut through the body, it not only skilfully masks, but is also an airy summer companion for women with female curves. In addition, she directs the view through the exposed key bones specifically to the upper body. We show which Carmenblusen variants are now particularly popular and how they can be styled.

What Does A Carmenbluse Look Like?

A Carmen blouse is usually cut in such a way that the shoulder part is completely free and the cutout runs in a straight line up over the shoulders. Of course, there are also variations and blouses with V- or round neck cut-outs, which only resemble in the shape of the classic Carmen blouse. In many cases a rubber band or a tensioning strap is also used at the neck of a Carmen blouse, so that the seat of the blouse can be adjusted individually. Often, the neckline is also decorated with petticoats, ruffles, ruffles, appliques, embroidery or a decorative border.Because of the flattering shoulder-tone, a Carmen neckline also likes feminine tops, dresses or summer jumpsuits and we meet this season not only in blouse form.

The Origins Of Carmen Bluse

Inspired by the traditional Spanish costumes and dresses worn in the flamenco dance, the Carmen blouse experienced its first fashion hype at the end of the 1960s: with the taste for folklore and ethno elements, the core component of hippie fashion The seventies, the shoulder-free cut blouse quickly found its way into the international ladies’ wardrobe. As a changeable favorite part of modern flower girls the Carmenbluse stands for a romantic-playful and sensual femininity, fashionable unconventionality and joy of life.

Trendy Variants Of The Carmen Blouse For Plussize Wearers

The classic is a Carmen blouse in the Gypsy or ethno style. The perfect companion for spring and summer and fit perfectly to all types of jeans, ie in all shades from dark denim to white as well as to all Fashionable cuts from boyfriend or mom jeans to narrow 7/8-cuts to flared leg pants with a high waist.

Puristically cut, plain-colored blouses in the Carmen style look particularly elegant. For example, a white Carmen blouse from linen or silk to a black pencil skirt can look very modern but still classic and elegant. Beautiful accents here are, for example, hole tips, transparent inserts or refined draping, which make the blouse into a small piece of art.

Extremely feminine and elegant, a  Carmen blouse with transparent chiffon sleeves or lace inserts. More than a beautiful necklace does not really need to guide looks to the shoulder and décolleté part, but still to be seriously dressed. Perfect for the job but also for ceremonial occasions.

Our Ultimate Styling Tips For The Plush Trend 2016 Carmen Bluse

Under a Carmen blouse, a strapless bra should be worn, because flashing bra straps disturb the look. And no, bras with transparent straps are not an alternative! Especially for Plussize ladies with a lot of range is a well-fitting strapless bra which gently forms the chest and décolleté, but also gives a lot of support, the ideal choice. Also a bandeau top (for example with a slight shaping effect) is suitable to be worn under a Carmen blouse.

Since a Carmenbluse is generally airy and rather body-playing cut, the lower part should be rather narrow and figurbetont fail, so the silhouette is favorably emphasized. Blouses, which have a rubber band on the hem and thus voluminously “aufbauschen”, are not necessarily ideal for women with rather short upper body or small tummy because they apply more strongly. Better to grab a flowing and slightly flared Carmenbluse!

We love the Carmenbluse for their combinatorfreudigkeit! Jeans fit shoulder-free blouses – particularly those with colorful flower or ethno prints – as well as in summer-white or color-coordinated pants.

And a skirt can also be combined with the Carmen blouse, if it is nicely narrow cut, so that the proportions are kept by the rather voluminous form of the upper part.

Longer, shoulder-length cut blouses in tunic style bring summery hippie romance into an outfit and play around skillfully small problem areas like a small tummy, wide hips or a lush butt. They are also an excellent alternative to the beach dress and can accompany us casual, but feminine to a drink in the beach bar.

Use accessories! With a belt, a slightly longer Carmenbluse can easily be put on the waist. A long chain with a big pendant, which reaches down to the belly, but also a striking statement chain in the Collier style look super to a wide Carmen-cut out. And also by extralange earrings, which are now also particularly popular, the exposed key bones are effectively set in scene.

Not only a relaxed hippie look, but also a dazzlingelegance works with a Carmen blouse: a Carmen blouse looks like a noble Marlene or Palazzo pants, which is rather narrow on the leg, but rather narrow at the waist and thus also emphasizes a curvaceous figure Modern and elegant at the same time. And with a body-trimmed mini skirt, a plussize-Carmen blouse becomes a sexy party outfit.