Underwear For Big Sizes-You Should Pay Attention

Do you have a date or want to surprise your loved one again? Then sexy underwear is an absolute must-have.

Luckily, the times have passed when lingerie for bitches look dull and misshapen. Current collections offer beautiful bras in large sizes as well as matching briefs for every taste. But before you can wrap your curves in dreamy clothes, you should take a few tips – both for choosing the right bra and the matching panties in big sizes.

Bhs For Chubby: What Are The Problems When Choosing The Right Bra Size?

For all women who have been wearing the same bra size for years, because they have always worn it, it is now time to rethink. For in the course of life, the body and thus also the breast changes. Whether the development from the teenager to the adult woman or the aftermath of a pregnancy-these factors you should consider when choosing your underwear for big sizes.Amazing, but true: Almost every woman is wearing the wrong bra size. Usually two cups too small as well as one size too wide. This is not only uncomfortable, but can also lead to back pain, shoulder and neck pain. How do I recognize a good-fitting bra for large sizes?

So You Can Find The Right Bra Size For Your Wide Range

Your bra straps cut or the braces of your bra press after a long wearing? Then you have chosen the wrong bra size. Basically:

Quality and perfect fit are the essence of a good bras for chubby

Bra straps have to sit comfortably all day

Bra straps should be out of the chest

Even the decision for extra-wide carriers does not necessarily mean better comfort. Because a large-sized bra should support your breast from below and not pull it over the straps. Also pay attention to the appropriate breasts, so that you are optimally relieved of your bra and he carries the weight of your upper range. Curvaceous women who like to wear bras without straps should opt for models with a supportive breastplate. For a nice shape it is important to note that the upper end of your bra cup does not cut and forms a line with your décolleté. Try out different bras to find the right bra size for your breast. Another tip for all, from cup size E: A bra with three cups gives extra support and forms a wonderful silhouette.

Underwear For Big Sizes: The Matching Slip To The Bra

When choosing the right panty, there is not much to consider. For here it is true that what is pleasing is what is pleasing. Whether you prefer a classic slip in V-shape, a waistline or a string, is left to you. It is important that you find the right size. Nothing is worse than underwear that pinches or cuts. Also, a badly fitting panties looks uncomfortable. Our tip for underwear in big sizes: French-Panties! The briefs made of soft material cover your buttocks and are cut straight on the leg. So they conjure up a beautiful silhouette and make each butt to be an eyecatcher. A special surprise for your partner or your date are completely made of lace-made French panties – so you can be guaranteed.