Travel to Antarctica

Experience the amazing nature and wildlife of the frozen continent

Antarctica is the most isolated continent on the planet, which only a few are allowed to experience. The frozen Arctic Ocean offers sumptuous, different nature experiences, and the landscape is both rich and untouched. The wildlife offers large flocks of penguins, colonies of seals, sea lions, sea leopards, sea elephants, whales and a rich bird life. Far from the animal colonies, it is quiet – unbelievably quiet, as you can not experience it anywhere else on the planet.

Here are the best reasons to choose Antarctic with Tourist Travel:

– The foot of Antarctica: On all trips to Antarctica, we land on the Antarctic continent itself and often in places that other ships do not visit – so we are never content to visit only the islands around Antarctica.

– Few passengers: The law stipulates that a maximum of 100 people may land in a given place in Antarctica at a time. The low number of passengers on Tourist’s journeys ensures that the waiting time to go ashore will be very limited, and most often there is no waiting time. It gives the individual passenger more to set foot on in Antarctica itself.

Excursions from the ship several times a day: Twice daily or more often there will be excursions from the ship, either to the Antarctic mainland, the islands or on a zodiac cruise or a kayak trip along the continent’s coast.

The mysterious Antarctica, is a 14,000,000 km2 frozen kingdom. Despite the fact that Antarctica is the world’s 5th largest continent, the eternal winter country is uninhabited. However, no less than 80 research stations have been built around Antarctica. These are owned and operated by 30 different countries.

There is now absolutely nothing to say about the great interest in travel to Antarctica. Both climate and landscape are in a class of their own and you are guaranteed to find nowhere on earth reminiscent of this icy paradise. Join us on an unforgettable adventure in an almost pristine wild. We visit the penguins’ home habitat and discover natural phenomena that you did not know existed. A trip to Antarctica is absolutely and utterly phenomenal.

Climate and travel weather in Antarctica

According to VAULTEDWATCHES, Antarctica is freezing cold at all times of the year. Some areas are even so cold that man would not be able to commit himself here at all. The absolute coldest temperature was measured to be -94.7 degrees during the continent’s winter in August 2010.

When you travel to Antarctica with Tourist Travel, we take you to the Antarctic Peninsula south of Argentina. Here the climate is somewhat more compliant. In addition, we only travel during the summer period from November to March. On most trips we will have between 0-5 plus degrees.

Although Antarctica is icy and a trip here requires thermal clothing and warm boots, you will find some very distinctive natural phenomena here. Among other things, Antarctica has the world’s only lava lake with liquid magma. It is also in Antarctica that you will find the driest area on earth.

You must experience this on your trip to Antarctica

Goudier Island and Port Lockroy Station A

In the bay of Port Lockroy lies the historically important island, Goudier Island. The island has been used as a haunt during several expeditions. During World War II, a British research station was established on Goudier Island. Port Lockroy Station A, as the station was called, was in use until January 16, 1962.

Although the research station is still preserved, its use is quite different. In 1996, Station A was turned into a museum. Therefore, Gourdier Island is also one of the major attractions for tourists traveling to Antarctica. The island probably has the continent’s only souvenir shop and it is also possible to send a postcard home via the island’s post office.

Petermann Island

Petermann Island is a small, low and almost completely round island that everyone traveling to Antarctica should experience. Just 1.8 km is the length of the island, which is also only 1.2 km wide. During a German expedition in 1873-1874, Petermann Island was named after the geographer August Petermann.

There are not many remains left from the time the island was used for research and as a residence during expeditions. All that remains is a cairn and a small refuge hut, which tells of longer stays in the past. On the other hand, adelie penguins, gentoo penguins and donkey penguins abound here.

The shipwreck The Governor

In 1915, a fire broke out in the whaling ship “The Governor”. In order for the crew to escape the flames, they were forced to lie in the middle of Wilhelmina Bay. On your trip to Antarctica, we can, if the weather conditions allow, take a Zodic boat to the shipwreck, which today is partially sunk.

The rusty ship parts stand in stark contrast to the icy surroundings, and the boat trip to the governor is therefore quite unique. The water around Wilhelmina Bay abounds with crayfish, which happen to be the favorite food of humpback whales. If we are lucky, we can spot the huge animal in the hunt for food.

The shipwreck The Governor

Kayaking through the Icelandic countryside

Some of the experiences we offer on your trip to Antarctica can only be done if the weather conditions otherwise allow it. On the other hand, these experiences are completely unique and rarely an opportunity for many. This is one of those kinds of experiences.

If the temperature is not too harsh with us and the wind keeps fairly calm, then we place the kayaks at Neumayer Channel. From here we drift quietly through the icy water while captivating the frozen landscape. The surroundings are comparable to anywhere else in the world.

Popular animals you can experience in Antarctica

A trip to Antarctica offers harsh weather conditions. It can also be felt the diversity among the limited Antarctic wildlife. The encounter with the animal kingdom on the icy paradise, however, will undoubtedly give you unforgettable life memories of your Antarctic journey.

The seventh continent of the world abounds with waddling penguins and you can get really close. Say hello to the 1.2 meter high emperor penguin, which with its 45 kilos fighting weight constitutes the absolute largest penguin species. Or listen to the song of the donkey penguin, whose name comes from its voice, which sounds like the ass of a donkey.

On our voyage to Antarctica, we can spot seals and whales among the waves from the ship’s deck. The maritime life is especially marked by the orcas’ movements, but the blue whale also lives around Antarctica. Around us fly albatrosses, blue-eyed cormorants and South Pole jays.