The Most Beautiful Winter Shoes For Women With Strong Calves

Wintertime=boot time. Whether it’s chic ankle boots with a heel, a laced boots for a winter walk or warmly padded boot boots with a robust sole for a (stylish) secure appearance, even in snow and ice: now boots have a great appearance in a wide range of styles.

But especially for women with heavier calves it is sometimes not easy to find matching boots that are comfortable and functional, sit well and look attractive. In this article, we will show you which boot models are ideal for powerful calves and which styling tricks can make your legs look visibly slimmer.

Wide Boots: The Perfect Winter Boot For Powerful Calves

Of course, women can also wear sneakers and slippers in winter. However, the boot offers comfort and stability in all variants. Women with heavier calves should pay attention to the fact that the proportions are harmonious.

Thanks to so-called wide calf boots and ladies with powerful legs have to do without chic winter boots. The special feature of wide boots is the extra wide, more comfortable cut of the boot.

Elastic inserts or clever slots offer extra comfort when it comes to bottlenecks; Zip closures make it easy to put on and take off.
But not only the width of the boots is decisive for the purchase of boots for strong calves: already the right shank length cheats your legs visually effortlessly slimmer.

Boot variants that end at half the calf height and thus emphasize strong calves are less beneficial.Instead choose ankle boots or ankle boots that are ankle-cut.  Even upper boots, which reach over the calves to the knee or even above, are a good choice.

The ideal all-rounder for autumn and winter, which is not only extremely beneficial, but also extremely versatile: dark, one-colored and pointed boots with block heel.

5 Tips For Slimmer Calves

  1. Ankle boots or ankle boots that emphasize the ankle – the narrowest part of the leg-make powerful calves look slimmer.
  2. Your legs are particularly slim when you wear a narrow pair of pantyhose or pantyhose in the color of the boots. It is best to use dense tights with high dense tights and, instead of shiny, prefer to use matt qualities that make the leg appear narrower.
  3. Derbe boots with a robust profile sole-also with rocking buckles or straps-are also a good choice with strong calves because they have a casual look and can offer wider shorts in contrast to very feminine shoe or boot versions.
  4. Also rustic lace-up boots are ideal winter companions: they are even more casual and steer clear of strong shoulders.
  5. Details such as zippers, buckles, fringes, a refined material mix or different colors attract the eye and allow strong calves to slip into the background.

Styling Tricks That Make Powerful Calves In Boots Look Slimmer

An excellent cheat trumpet that makes powerful calves look narrower: boots or ankle boots with a pointed cap. Round shoe caps shorten the leg optically, therefore round ballerinas or pumps are less advantageous than pointed variants. They make the lower limbs more burly.

With warm overknee stockings or knitted cuffs, you can easily upgrade your favorite booties to stylish winter companions: As warmers, warm knitted knitters or stockings create a harmonious transition from the ankle to the leg, thus masking strong calves. In addition, they offer you maximum comfort, which fits, for example, very well to jersey or knitwear.

The perfect choice for strong calves are wedge and, above all, block heels at any height.Even a small heel stretches the figure, provides a more upright gear and lengthens compact legs visually. Boots with narrow heels such as kitten heels or spiked heels are less recommendable as they are very filigree and allow the leg to be even wider.

Particularly sexy are overknee boots, which fit perfectly to feminine looks and can be combined in many ways. Because they reach to the knee, you can cover thick calves wonderfully. If the boot is loose or has an elegant envelope in the style of rider or fencing boots, the leg looks even slimmer.