Studio Untold: White Coat + Tips For Good Mood, If Everything Is Stupid

I mentioned during my exam preparation. I had no fun at the make-up, attract beautiful things has me no joy also prepare and I bummed out before me – I was just dirty.

My state of mind projezierte very quickly on my way of thinking, and in just a few days, I was sobbing in the corner. I could not describe what has really affected me. For me it was a synergy of “everything sucks!” and “everything is stupid!”. And when they brought me up to this point, it must be really bad.

Because I love laughter, good mood, loving dealing with other people. It’s hard but, if that doesn’t work; If I’m in a serious situation or my opponent is just very different.

Actually, I think that you can see the remnants of this Genützustandes in my pictures. For example, in my hair, I had no patience for that. If you have a bad Hair Day, then also helps a ghd (which by the way, stands for good hair day is, what irony) not. Or in my eyebrows which are not perfectly painted…

If you really ‘wants to get up again’, time off helps to find yourself!

It is definitely not selfish, if you time devoted to himself. Mother, wife, partner, (best) friend, sister or daughter – you have the right to have time for yourself. And you gotta do it!


Because everyone take a deep breath. This short break is sufficient in the first step, to get a clear head in stressful situations and not to risk, to fall in a much deeper hole.

  • Wake up and start the day without a care. Even if you’re still so much stress, put it to the side and take care of any obligations!
  • -Mongering, what fun friends: paint, crochet, make-up, reading, read, meditate, play music, delicious food, massage can… do something good for you
  • Think of things that evoke fond memories in you!
  • Listen to music that is positive! You should avoid emotional, sad songs, because you can promote proven depressive moods or even intensify.
  • Go to fresh air! The breath is based not only on the emotional level. Go out and go for a walk in the Woods, incredibly good your body. You leave the usual four walls and see new horizons.

The combination of these things may help you to see new options, find solutions or draw just new strength for the upcoming days and challenges.

While I’ve tried to summarize the steps you can do in the first place to gain new strength, now there is still an important point, which really should not be neglected. I find it sometimes still very difficult to implement, but the more I work on it the less setbacks hit me:

“The biggest decision of your life is

You can do your life change ,

” by changing your mind.”

-Albert Schweitzer

Positive thinking

Probably, you’ve read already umpteen quotes that refer to it.
“Don’t worry, be happy!” is one of the classic and Yes, in (I believe together so casually) 90% of the cases a positive attitude helps further!

Not get angry for example, if a bird on your head poops friends, but rejoice, that elephants can’t fly!

And when you have as much trouble, it’s not working anyway? You fly even elephants and walruses?

In the first moment you will have maybe not consciously perceived it, but I would almost think that in this case your environment you and your thinking greatly influenced. Therefore, I have a few tips to a positive attitude:

  • You can get you quickly on the Palm? Then think about it! Attempts not to upset you over petty little things, not blaspheme and nagging not – try to focus you on positive thoughts and to see the beautiful in many things. Can you only blaspheming and nothing else with a friend? Then, you can also end the acquaintance.
  • Hold you away from people, the quickly bitchy, nagging and becomes upset because every little thing or complain or you dump ballast. I know, as a good friend for others there, surely! However you must see, that one should be an emotional garbage can for anyone. Share worries is the one to be easy, that poisons everyone only a toxic person, is the other.
  • Be nice one day to everyone who met you. It will quickly give pleasure and you’ll notice that many will be also nice to you. The good in the people is still in many. And if not, then there are sad people… in the first step you can switch to point 2 and avoid the contact. But remember that these people could have made some very bad experiences in life, that have led her to be so. It was also just so friendly to those people. Maybe you do it through you hope to draw.
  • Smile often!
  • Wake up your partner with a love message or with a loving kiss. He will do it certainly also with you and it is you all day long spur. Not a partner there? Then you speak with your best friend or your best friend off. Introduce it as a kind of game, and it will sweeten the days!

It is said: “happiness is the only thing that doubled when you share it.”
For many, happiness means something else. In my opinion, luck is among others based on the elements of love and goodness. And since I am Sailor Moon fan, I know that love always wins and is all to the good. Accordingly, any luck can have, or be happy.

Therefore, I slip into my sailor moon boots and save only mine and then the whole world.