Some Info To The Dirndl – And Where You Can Get Cheap One In XXL

Dirndl simply make a great figure and would transfer perfectly my “problem zones” (butt, hips, thighs). In addition they are mega female and there is I think a few men who are not attracted to a woman in the Dirndl.Although I liebäugel for years so I was still none, but still some interesting information on the subject of Dirndl Scrapbooking:

The Term Dirndl

Literally means prostitute (maid) or also North German (Oh – look!) Dahir.So young girl.

In the past, the rural work clothes dressed maids, harvesters, and maid service. On the basis of the costume, you could see where the wife came and what social standing she took.

First arrived in the late 19th century the Dirndl at upper layers.

A Dirndl Consists Of 3 Parts:

  1. A sleeveless dress with fitted tops and wide skirt in different lengths (mini, MIDI, Maxi).
  2. The dirndl blouse with a rectangular or round neckline and a small arm.Like ruffled and shirred to push even more cleavage.Classically, there are the blouses in white, currently more and more black, red or green shirts will be worn.
  3. The apron.Note the binding: loop right: already awarded. Loop links: single; Bow front middle: Virgin; Loop back: widow.

The dirndl on request with a petticoat is supplemented a Balconette bra and of course accessories (traditionally white with lace, a petticoat for much wealth and swing now gladly).

Dirndl Substances And Materials

Traditionally, cotton and linen was used for the production of a Dirndl.Also wool and synthetic fabrics were added later. Also like pure silk and velvet is now used.

I like particularly well fancy Dirndls that are designed from exotic materials: E.g. Dirndl from saris (Indian). Actually, that would be my dream. However this means a special dimension, custom-made in my size 50. And I give the me only when I have a really big appearance this time. Who knows?!

Dirndl In Larger Sizes Online Buy

If you can imagine this year run a Dirndl, you – should start ever different sizes and models especially in large sizes – to try. Most convenient of course online. This online shop has cheap models up to size 54 in the offer (from 69.90 EUR): traditional costumes for plus size.

Regular Dirndl are probably rather small, but it depends of course on where you need more stuff: you’ve got a great cleavage or an undefined waist? You can compensate a lot thanks to the lacing in the back.

Styling Tips For Dirndl

Cords’s waist as closely as it is still easy but make it to her breast and relaxed so that he is not impaired. Finally, he is the main protagonist of the whole thing.

Get yourself a really good sitting Balconette bra and then this story frame up beautifully.

Supplement are black Dirndl with a colorful apron. Beneficial if that cover no more than half of the skirt. Look left and right something black, that streamlined the rock.

The rock should be not too much into folds, otherwise he bags up too much. The material must be like soft and flowing.

Vary with different colored aprons. Do you have a simple Dirndl you can spice it up again and again with new crazy aprons.

Some sewing enthusiastic women tailor even a Dirndl is, but it’s too expensive. There a lot of skills is certainly required.

How Is It With You? Do You Have A Dirndl In XXL? Where Purchased? Even Sewn? Do You Have Tips For Sale?

I am pleased about your experience in the comments.