Slovenia – a Diverse Destination for Active Holidaymakers

Slovenia is known for its postcard-like landscapes. Slovenia is a dream destination for the active holidaymaker, which, despite its small size, offers diverse tourism opportunities. In recent years, Slovenia has grown in popularity as a travel destination. Despite its small size, the most prosperous state of the former Yugoslavia has a wealth of unforgettable natural sites and fine historic small towns.

Short for SLO by abbreviationfinder, Slovenia is a country located in southern part of Europe continent according to countryaah.



Getting to the main destinations of the country is easy, as the distances are short.

Flying from Helsinki to Ljubljana

Finnair flies directly from Helsinki to Ljubljana at best four times a week during the summer seasons.

Flight time is about two hours 40 minutes. Direct flights cost around 250 euros at their cheapest.

There is a regular bus service from Ljubljana Airport to the city center. In addition, there are many minibus companies operating between the city and the field.

Accommodation in Slovenia

In the Slovenian countryside, it is possible to stay in almost every village either in bed and breakfast or by staying on farms, where the tourist can follow the local way of life from the fence.

The hotel offer in Slovenia is excellent and accommodation is well available in both urban and rural areas. Some of the country’s old castles are harnessed for accommodation, so you may also find top-quality accommodation in the countryside.

In Slovenia, especially in summer, cities are filled with events and festivals. It is worth scheduling city visits to the country according to festivals related to different topics and making hotel reservations in time.

Getting around Slovenia

The distances in Slovenia are short, and the whole country can be traveled by car even in a day.

In Slovenia, the best way to get around is to rent your own car, but you can also get around the bus and train easily and comprehensively. The train network in Slovenia is not very extensive. Traveling by bus is well worth the time, especially in mountainous areas.

Slovenian cities are ideal for moving on foot. If necessary, you can use buses or take a taxi. There are free electric cars in the pedestrian areas of central Ljubljana, especially for tourists.



Maribor is a great destination if you want to see more than just the capital in Slovenia.

The capital is Ljubljana

Slovenia’s largest city, Ljubljana, is the perfect destination for a romantic weekend getaway. The name of the town is close to the Slovenian word “beloved” and the sympathetic historical center does not leave its visitors cold.

In the center of Ljubljana, the historical sights are a short walk apart, and cozy cafés and restaurants can be found everywhere, with nice terraces to stop on during the summer heat.

Ljubljana’s most famous attraction is the Royal Palace, located on a high hill next to the old center. The castle offers a magnificent view over the entire city.

The heart of Ljubljana, on the other hand, is Prešernov trg Square along the Ljubljanica River. From the square, three almost adjacent bridges lead across the river to the old town.

Historic Maribor

Historic Maribor is located near the Austrian border. Graz and Maribor on the Austrian side are considered sister cities due to their close location.

From Maribor, it is easy to explore Slovenia’s vast wine-growing areas. Maribor is surrounded by many hills full of vineyards, and the area is home to the world’s oldest vine still producing crops.

The center of Little Maribor offers sympathetic historic buildings to see, and on the outskirts of the city you can climb a high hill along a lavish staircase.

Bled is the pearl of the Alps

Bled is one of the most popular travel destinations in Slovenia, often described as the pearl of the Alps.

On a small island in the deep blue Lake Bled is a medieval church and on a high cliff above the lake is Bled Castle. In the background rise the picturesque mountains.

This landscape alone attracts numerous tourists to visit the area, but it is also possible to make various hikes and other nature excursions on site.

Beach resort Portorož

Portorož is Sloevenia’s own beach resort on the Adriatic Sea. The city is inhabited by beach holidaymakers.

In addition to the beach plan, you can head to admire the medieval architecture of Piran or the Italian-influenced architecture of Koper.

The caves of Škocjan

The Škocjan Cave is a complex of caves comprising kilometers of corridors. The complex includes several underground waterfalls and stalactites.

Škocjan Cave is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which thousands of tourists come to admire every year.


Active experiences are Slovenia’s strength, as the lush landscapes create an excellent setting for a wide range of experiences.


Experience these in Slovenia

  1. Visit the caves of Škocjan.
  2. Descend on a rubber raft along the deep blue Soča River.
  3. Take a look at the amazing scenery of Lake Bled.
  4. Visit a Slovenian winery to discover local wines.
  5. Spend a relaxing day walking in the picturesque center of Ljubljana.