Rome Weather in Summer and Winter

Rome weather in summer

In midsummer in June, July and August it is very hot and dry in Rome. Over 30 degrees Celsius are not uncommon at this time and the number of visitors to the city also reaches its peak. You can expect ten to eleven hours of sunshine per day and almost no precipitation. So it’s the perfect temperatures for a delicious homemade ice cream from Italy. If you like it a little more cozy, you should sit down in one of the many cafés and enjoy the Dolce Vita to the fullest. At lunchtime you should mainly stay in the shade, as the hot and stuffy temperatures quickly become uncomfortable. If you still want to explore the city, I recommend you take an empty water bottle with you. At many fountains in Rome you have the opportunity to fill them with fresh water free of charge. You can read about why a trip to Rome in August is a very special experience in my travel magazine. If you can deal with high temperatures in a big city and at the same time with large crowds, a city ​​trip in summer is ideal for you .

Rome weather in the summer months

  • June: 28 ° C, 10 hours of sunshine, 4 rainy days
  • July: 31 ° C, 11 hours of sunshine, 2 rainy days
  • August: 31 ° C, 10 hours of sunshine, 2 rainy days

Summer is the best time to visit Rome for activities

According to rrrjewelry, there are many activities for Rome in summer . So that you don’t miss out on the best, I’ll introduce you to my favorites in the following section. With only two to four rainy days per month, June, July and August are the perfect times for open-air events. The city of Rome has recognized this and organizes a lot of open-air concerts in different places. When you visit Rome, you should definitely attend a concert in one of the many forums or archaeological sites. These not only attract with a unique atmosphere, but also with artists from all over Italy. If you like it a little quieter, I can show you the beautiful sunrises and sunsets recommend for summer time. For example, when the sun disappears behind the Colosseum and everything is bathed in a golden light, you will get to know the beauty of the Eternal City again from a completely different side. One activity that particularly delights women is the annual summer sale . This begins in July and offers you the opportunity to get hold of one or the other it-piece at a bargain price.

Summer activity Best travel time
Open air events June, July and August
Sunrises and sunsets June, July and August
Summer sale July and August

Rome weather in winter

In the winter months from November to March, slightly cooler temperatures await you in Rome. The thermometer can fall below ten degrees Celsius. In addition, rain falls on up to ten days. You can travel to Rome at a particularly affordable price during this time and grab one or the other wonderful accommodation at a bargain price. Have a look at my daily offers . Another advantage of the winter time in Rome is the festive pre-Christmas time. You can visit the various Christmas markets or admire the elaborately designed nativity scenes. If you are ready to accept the rain, you can have a wonderful time in Rome even in winter.

Rome weather in the winter months

  • November:17 ° C, 5 hours of sunshine, 9 rainy days
  • December:13 ° C, 4 hours of sunshine, 10 rainy days
  • January:12 ° C, 4 hours of sunshine, 9 rainy days
  • February:13 ° C, 4 hours of sunshine, 9 rainy days
  • March:16 ° C, 5 hours of sunshine, 8 rainy days

Winter is the best time to visit Rome for activities

One of the most obvious things to do in Rome in winter is the various Christmas markets . Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful decoration or enjoy the smell of roasted almonds wafting through the alleys. Another highlight for the winter months is the celebration of New Year’s Eve in Rome . On this evening you can experience how the city is bathed in the bright colors of the fireworks . Look forward to multi-course New Year’s Eve menus and a lively atmosphere! In January and February you have the best chance to see the Vatican without the crowds. Even when it rains you can relax and take a look around and let the unique atmosphere work its magic on you.

Activity in winter Best travel time
Christmas markets December and January
New Year’s Eve December 31
Vatican January and February

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