Regata: A Complete Guide To Use The Part In Your Looks

Regatta: It is very likely that you have at least one in your closet. The piece is useful and easy to combine. It goes well with jeans, a full bodied skirt, shorts, blazer and any other combination you desire. In addition, today’s modeling options are many, from the most basic, such as the white regatta, to those that can be worn on more formal occasions such as silk or satin.

“The regatta can be present in various environments, the secret lies in the other pieces that will make up the look: more informal pieces, accentuating their air stripped, or more formal, creating an interesting contrast of arms and lap to show with skirts and pants tailoring, for example, “teaches Chiqueria style consultant Josane Muriel.

The history of the regatta is interesting and totally based on the arts, according to Renata Corsetti, an image and style consultant, alongside Maria Izabel Morais, at the Consultoria Deluxe. Its first sketch dates back to the fifteenth century, when the artist Michelangelo made a sculpture with a sleeveless T-shirt, quite different from the ones used at the time. “After a long time, the regatta began to be used as underwear, to protect against the cold and perspiration. But it was only in 1950 that the regatta became popular when being used by Marlon Brando, with nothing on top, in the movie ‘A Bonde Called Desire”, explains Renata.

When popularizing, the regatta became a must in any wardrobe, including in the men’s. Today, it is no longer used only in gyms and leisure time and has gained more formal airs with applications of income and finer fabrics.

The Regatta And Its Models

According to Josane, the top types of regattas today are “those that resemble combinations, with a lingerie face.” They are made with delicate fabrics, like silk, and full of income applications, guipir, others.

However, there are many racing models. According to Renata, the piece is characterized by being a sleeveless T-shirt. “But they may have different necklines, as in U or V, straight cut, in A, different tissues,” he exemplifies.

What is important to note is that regattas do not receive specific names, such as trousers, for example. “The variations usually happen in the width of the loops, depth of the neckline and the distance that remain of the body-fairer or wider,” says Josane.

How To Ride Looks With Regattas

Most of the time, the regatta comes as a complement to the look and not the main element of it. The image and style consultant, Renata, says that, especially if the other element is a piece with many details, the regatta is used only to compose the look.

Already Josane directs to pay attention to some details. “There are no precise recommendations, but it is nice to pay attention to the following regrinha: lap and arms on demand require legs with more behaved lengths.”

For the day, the ideal is to use more fluid fabrics, especially if it is a hot day. For evening, as Renata advises, thinner fabrics, such as silk, are ideal. “Nowadays there is not a great limitation between fabrics for day or night, but the result of the complete look,” says Josane. She also suggests silk to always hit, either by day or by night. “But be careful in the rest of the look”, in case the occasion demands a more formal clothing.

From the choice of our consultants, we put together three looks for you to raze using a silk regatta:

Where To Buy Regattas

Whether in summer or winter, racing is always a good option. “Regattas are basic parts and therefore last for all seasons,” Renata summarizes. So it is always good to get a new part. Here are some options for finding and buying your race:

Tips For Using Regata For Your Body Type

There are no contraindications to the use of the regatta, whether you are fuller or thinner, the regatta is always an option to set up the look. However, if you are in the plus size women’s hall, it is important to pay attention to some recommendations. “The ideal is to avoid the bump model, which gets too far away from the body, often giving the false impression of more weight. The key is to choose those that fall along the body, showing the unmarked form, “is the hint that Josane gives.

Renata advises to pay attention to other details. “As a general rule, the hottest women should not wear tight clothing, nor the regatta. You also have to be aware of your arms, when the older people bother with that fat, it is preferable to put a jacket or blazer over.”

Race In The Work Environment

Being an informal piece, you need to pay close attention to the dresscode that the company demands. Therefore, Renata suggests that the regatta be left aside when it comes to working. Opinion, however, is not unanimous among style consultants. Josane believes that, taking some care, the piece can be used at work.

“In more formal settings, choose those with behaved neckline and thicker straps and coordinate with blazers and jackets, so as not to leave too much skin on display. It is always good to have a third party handy for meetings with clients and superiors. And in more formal environments, watch out for the rest of the look: too many legs can get the wrong message, “suggests Josane.

As for the accessories that look better with the race, the opinion is the same: bet on powerful necklaces. “A more elaborate necklace, long or short, leaves the piece more sophisticated,” is Renata’s suggestion. “Coordinate with accessories of weight and good quality. Maxi necklaces, interesting earrings, bracelet mix, there are endless possibilities. But one rule is always right: balance is the key to everything, “concludes Josane.

Whether at work or on a daily basis, racing is always a good option. Combined with powerful parts and accessories, the tunic can be worn at any time. The important thing is always to be careful not to show too much and to caprichar in the look.

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