Pumps And 7/8 Trousers For A Sleek Silhouette

Every year the fashion world surprises us with new playful, elegant, cheeky and crazy collections-suitable for all seasons and to match any figurine type.

Fashion highlights, which have long been forgotten, are experiencing a new flowering. For a number of years, 7/8 trousers and pumps have once again become an integral part of numerous spring and summer collections. The comfortable pants are genuine all-rounder – for both slim and strong built ladies. With them you can not only assemble sporty casual leisure outfits, but also create sexy party and elegant businesslooks.

If you want to wear skirts and dresses on warm and hot days, an airy cut, super comfortable 7/8 trousers or Pumphose is the perfect alternative. In the correct size selected and combined with the matching shoes and tops, the pants conjure a slim silhouette and neatly conceal small problem zones.

7/8 Pants: Great Sizes For A Great Performance

The 7/8 trousers have become an absolute must-have for many women. Not just petite, but also strong ladies can wear the trendy pants. What are the advantages of a 7/8 trousers?

Lighter thighs are perfectly concealed and appear slimmer

Narrow calves and fetters are brought to the best advantage

A 7/8 trousers can be worn for almost any occasion-whether in the office, at a party or on a beach holiday.Combine the pants with a checkered blouse or a casual t-shirt and you get the perfect beach look.

For special occasions, models are recommended in subtle shades. These can be combined, for example, with festive blouses, elegant blazers and chic high heels. You need a new outfit for the next party? How about a combination of 7/8 pants, a long tunic blouse, trendy short armchairs and comfortable ballerinas? With fashionably tailored clothes and shoes in trendy colors that are perfectly matched to one another, you can perfectly prove your stylish fashion sense. There are however a few things you should consider when choosing the 7/8 pants:

Choose the correct size (if the models are too narrow, the belly and thighs are more tight and louder)

Pants should have a slightly higher waist • choose pants with elastic, wider waistband (offers high wearing comfort)

Do not choose any materials (for example, corduroy, velvet, satin), but elastic and loosely falling (cotton, viscose, linen)

With A Pumphose Underline Perfectly Female Curves

Whether it’s Aladin pants, Sindbad pants or the small Muck trousers, the Pumphose has received numerous nicknames reminiscent of figures of oriental fairy tales from 1001 nights. Pumphoses have always been worn in the Arab world. For a number of years the comfortable and airy pants have enjoyed great popularity even in our latitudes. Pumps are available in both small and large sizes. They are characterized by a deep-seated trouser floor and wide legs. They are close to the calf and the hips. As the Pumphose is very close to the legs and is very loose, it is ideal for women with strong legs and thighs. The wide-cut pants can be best combined with tight-fitting or close-fitting tops, T-shirts or tunics. Whether you choose a 7 8 trousers or Pumphose-with the right clothing composition, problem zones are concealed and female curves are perfectly staged