Poor Cambodia – a Rich Tourist Destination

Destroyed by a tough history, Cambodia has welcomed tourists openly in the 21st century.

A visit to the Kingdom of Cambodia along the Mekong Estuary is like a time travel back centuries. Monkeys abound in the temples of Angkor, and finding a deserted beach is not a problem.

Right now, Cambodia is especially suitable for the experience traveler who wants to experience its treasures before the country is finally opened up to tourism.

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Adventure tourism in Indochina

Cambodia, officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia according to countryaah, is located in Southeast Asia, bordering Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. The country has more than 16 million residents, of which about two million live in the capital, Phnom Penh.

Tourism in Cambodia is still in its infancy, although tourists are slowly finding the country. The first to arrive were self-employed travelers seeking peace and pristine areas, whose footsteps have slowly begun to be followed by others.

Cambodia is suitable for beach holidaymakers, history lovers and nature tourists. There is plenty of affordable things to do for the active holidaymaker, including snorkelling and golf.

The National Museum in Phnom Penh with its gardens is an impressive revelation.

The dry season is the best travel time

The weather in Cambodia is easy to understand as it is divided into two: the dry season lasts from October to April, while the rainy season lasts from May to September.

Cambodia is above all a winter destination, but it is also suitable for traveling at other times – as long as you remember that the heaviest rains take place in August-September. At the beginning of the humid season, the weather can be very pleasant thanks to the temperature that stays around 25 degrees. However, the wettest times may make it difficult to navigate local roads, for example.

Cambodia is a warm country where, even in the coldest months, temperatures drop to around 20 degrees at the end of the year and rise to around 35 degrees in March-June at best.

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Affordable vacation

The price level in Cambodia is very affordable for Westerners. Reli, the country’s official currency, must not be exported outside Cambodia. The travel currency can be used in many places as US dollars, which are generally accepted in the country.

Credit cards only work in some places, so you should keep cash with you.

The tough history of Cambodia

In Cambodia, one can learn about the country’s multi-stage but relatively gloomy history. Especially the ruined city of Angkor, which tells of the times of past glory, is a place worth visiting. The period of French rule can be explored, for example, in the capital, Phnom Penh.

Historically, Cambodia is one of the most unfortunate countries ever. Its eras have been ravaged by wars and power struggles, the traces of which are still visible.

Short for KH by abbreviationfinder, Cambodia flourished during the Khmer Empire until the 13th century, when the kingdom was one of the most developed countries in the world. At that time, most of the temples were also built, including Angkor Wat.

In the late 18th century, recurrent conflicts in neighboring areas spread to Cambodia. Vietnam and Thailand struggled for power in Cambodia, and the struggle was close to destroying the country.

In the 19th century, the French ruled the country for 90 years, which is why the capital, Phnom Penh, has also gained a lot of French influence.

During the Vietnam War, Cambodia, part of Indochina, was subjected to major bombings, which brought the country to the brink of destruction. After the wars, the Khmer Rouge, led by the Communist leader Pol Pot and adhered to the extremist socialist ideology, killed about 1.7 million people.

The scars of this time are still strongly present: there are about 5 million landmines in the country and trials during the tyranny have only gained momentum after 30 years. Cambodia remains one of the 20 poorest countries in the world.

Practical tips

Despite the harsh past, the local people are sincerely happy and look to the future with hope. Tourists are treated curiously and kindly.

In Cambodian culture, face preservation is central, which is why irritation is not openly displayed. Public displays of affection are also avoided because they are seen as a sign of poor upbringing. The royal family, Buddhist monks and members of the religion are highly valued, and respect for older people is a matter of course.

Finnish tourists need a visa to Cambodia, which can be obtained at the airport upon arrival in the country for a photo and a reasonable fee. You can also get a visa before your trip, but it is not necessary.

As you move around Cambodia, remember to stay on marked roads, as there are still millions of unexploded ordnance buried in the ground. It is also good to be careful on the city streets in the evening, as there are some robberies.