Plussize Trend: Cool Suits For Strong Women

Tough, serious and unapproachable: Pantsuits were for a long time as an alternative to the costume something like the “business uniform” for strong women.

At the latest, since international designers have rediscovered and revived the chic of the trousers, we welcome the second-hand as a trendy everyday companion in our wardrobe! Whether with feminine accents or androgyn, casual or elegant: cool suits for strong women not only make a good figure in the job, but are also made for moments when the certain fashionable something is in demand. Especially for women with a slightly larger dress size, trousers are a flattering and changeable choice – they make one or other pelvis disappear under rectilinear cuts and emphasize a feminine silhouette nevertheless beneficial.

How strong women can use trousers as a trendy extension of their fashionable repertoire and how the new cool suits can easily be styled, we show in this post.

Plussize Suits: Well-Dressed In Almost Every Living Situation

The new suits for women are available in both classic and unconventional styles: it can be combined wildly, ie a suit does not always have to be worn in the same combination of trousers and blazerjackets, but may also engage in styling experiments.

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Suit Styles For Strong Women

The classic business suits in muted nuances are still a good choice if seriousness is required.Trousers and blazers can also go separate ways: If a classic pull-on suit is combined with a simple sweater and masculine laces, the look gets a modern, androgynous twist, the high-quality accessories such as a large wristwatch, a noble leather pocket and a cashmere jacket.For a sleeveless blazer, it must be a figure-skinned skirt with opaque stockings and eye-catching pumps, including a fine roll-neck sweater, a slightly transparent blouse or tunic or a simple shirt blouse dress. Elegant (and more exciting!) Is when a really serious Blazer with sequins, Lurexstrick or a deep cut makes common thing!

Retro cuts, materials and patterns are now reminiscent of the 1970s, as a velvet ensemble with slightly flared pants (flattering for strong legs as the knee, the narrowest part of the leg, is emphasized ) Or as a checkered gem of classic Tweedstoff, which makes the hearts of all Brit Chic lovers beat faster. With a roll-neck sweater or sled blouse, the newly interpreted suits become a modern outfit with a charming retro touch.

Fashionable suit interpretations bring a touch of the future to the parquet with androgyne cuts, asymmetrical lines, pastel nuances or metallic luster. Classics such as waist-pleats, marlene pants or Chanel-style jacket jackets are given a facelift by new combination partners.Refined inserts from the top, sporty and beautifully casual, with jersey qualities and zippers. For example, a sweatblazer can also function as an everyday companion to jeans, or a very elegant blazer with chinos or a comfortable jogpants can enter stylish new territory. Only courage-good cuts and high-quality materials ensure that even unusual combinations will work in the first moment!

Longblazer and narrow trousers: Very chic and flattering are Longblazer in combination with a narrow-cut trousers or a stretch jeans.As a real figure flatterer you can wear longer than waist-length cut blazers but also to dress or skirt. However, your straight-cut shape stretches along with the pants most-make sure that the pants do not carry too much volume and, especially, narrow to the ankle, because you can get a few kilos slimmer. If you combine a cool longblazer to boyfriend jeans, you can, for example, roll up the players. If the ankles are visible, the entire silhouette is more feminine and narrower. High shoes do the rest-very hot are currently pointed heels or even ankle boots with a striking profile sole, so-called Tractor Heels.

Unusual combinations dare to pay off.Cool suits for strong women do not always have to be “one-off”! A navy-style blazer can look great on the classic waistband pants as well as on jeans-instead of a blouse maybe a ruffle or a cool print t-shirt?A rocky leather blazer breaks an elegant look and gives a feminine lace or knitted dress edge. Shirt blazers in bright colors harmonize very nicely with eye-catching jewelry-which women just should prefer with a few kilos more. Better to the chain of statements, eye-catching earrings and bracelets as well as big rings. Effect guaranteed!

Colored blazer: Colored inserts or piping help a classically cut blazer to a more extravagant look and thus loosen also serious outfits, without being too playful or detailed. Long-running lines distract from a large top, narrow, contrast-colored inserts on the side make a wide back narrower.

Which Suit-Cut Flatters What Figure?

In general, the combination of the blazer and the lower part (both in the case of suits, but also in individually combined parts): If one body part is concealed by a lot of volume and/or width, the other should be emphasized by a shape-to-shape cut shape remains. To a wide-cut Marlene-style canted suit fits a narrow, shortened blazer or a small chestjack better than a voluminous longblazer. This, in turn, fits very well with figurbetonten (stretch) skirts or pants, which trace the leg course. Nevertheless, lush curves are delicately concealed, but the overall picture is harmonious and stretched.

If the cut reaches up to the hip, for example, a slightly louder po can be concealed. Short bladders are a good choice when the lower part has a high waist. In high-waist skirts or pants, more powerful women can very well stage their curves, as the cuts flatter feminine curves and are a sexy way for plussing ladies to underline their femininity. Blazers with attached pimples or a pronounced shortened cut direct the view of the upper body and put it in a skilful manner. If you want to cover your hips and legs, choose a longer-cut (Oversize) blazer for slim pants or a skinny skirt. In the case of voluminous tops, it is important that the silhouette is maintained by the choice of figurative components. To put up and down on a lot of space or volume is unnecessary and leaves female forms disappearing under unfavorable amounts instead of emphasizing them.

With the right basics you can always conjure up new, trend-conscious models, which can be worn both in everyday life and in jobs and on special occasions. Put your figure and your individual type into the scene with flattering cuts, materials and colors and use the style potential that the new trousers offer you as a fashion-conscious plush lady!