Plus-Size Trends 2015 – New “Curvy Collection” At Bonprix

For the start of the new plus-size collection ” Curvy Love “, Katherine Schebesch from the large-scale purchasing department at bonprix provides us with an insight into the positive trends that this year will bring, where they can be inspired and where the big-sizes Market is currently being developed.

Hello Katherine, in the shop for big sizes at bonprix, the work with current trend themes in the area of ​​plus size fashion is your agenda. We are very pleased that you give us a little insight today. Do you briefly introduce our readers?

I am Katherine, 29 years old and has been working for the RAINBOW (Young Fashion) brand for 4.5 years at bonprix. For about 1.5 years we are working hard to plan and plan our new project in the “big sizes” area. In doing so, we place a strong focus on the latest trend in the Young Fashion segment and would like to offer the customers a greater variety for the young range.

Where do you get inspiration for new trends?

I get inspirations through intensive research on fashion blogs, magazines and trade fairs. But also often in everyday life, as for example on the street during shopping or even in the evening in various clubs or bars – our Hansestadt offers a great variety of inspirations for this.

The new big-size trends have just been presented at the “Curvy is Sexy” during the Fashion Week in Berlin. Do you tell us what we can look forward to in 2015?

Everything may be – nothing has to be! As in the past year, the year 2015 offers a very wide variety in the fashion segment: meaningful colors in combination with, for example, statement prints, animalprints and ethnoprints. As well as the theme of “denim” in all variants and product groups is and remains a big issue.

Bonprix has also launched a young and trend-oriented Plus-Size collection on the market.Can you tell us more about this?

Yes, too, at bonprix, we would like to offer the young customer a trend-setting range in the “big sizes” range. In doing so, we have a clear focus on different style groups to cover a wide variety of products. This way, our customer can dress for the whole day: street, trendy or sexy! Whether in the morning with the breakfast with the girls, in the afternoon for shopping or in the evening to the invited party in a club. There is something for every occasion.

For a long time, plus-size fashion was characterized by boring and comfortable styles. This has changed in the past few years and meanwhile trendy, modern styles are also represented in plus size collections, which take into account the needs of trend-conscious customers. Where will the journey go in the coming years, will this development continue?

I think that exactly this theme will spread to a sustainable focus in the fashion segment, as so far only a few suppliers have taken up the competition and are picking up the trend-oriented “big sizes” customer. In the coming seasons there will be more and more in the market-very much in favor of the “size sizes” customer. In my opinion it is also very important to fill this “gap segment” with fashionable offer for our customers! Therefore, we are very pleased to present our first collection for spring / summer 2015 from March in the Onlineshop.