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Christmas Can Come

Finally, I will have the opportunity. I’ve waited long enough. Soon it’s time. Almost there would have been even ready yet and I had the opportunity, but since my nylons have made me a spanner in the. Cryptic words? Not quite. I am definitely…
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Goose Dinner

Goose dinner is a time told with the family in the year. It comes as inevitably as Christmas make, Easter, birthday or wedding anniversary. For several years we have moved it fortunately on early December.Previously it was always to the 20th…
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Blue Pumpkin

In my article I introduced my orange blue patterned pants (here) “Pumpkin time”. Recently, I had the pumpkin outfit, came home and wanted to me – how my husband always say – “loose make”. In other words what Schlumpfiges wear. I throw me…
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Public Appearance

Well, I explained the thing with the smurf. (here) Here, I want to now show how an outdoor turns into a justifiable respectable woman smurf. Not that something easy would be me, but with a few tips and tricks that even I…
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Men Watched! “Stylbox” Stylt Online

Free Style Advice: Fashion ID Goes Into Assured Shopping “Stylbox” is the new stylist service, which is available  free of charge in the online shop “Fashion-ID”. Several stylish outfit consultants deal exclusively with the lords of creation, who are free to consult with their…
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Yellow Sub Marine

Love yourself! I celebrate this year’s Valentine’s day with a big portion of bliss and some colorful accessories. He heard not my boyfriend and me, but me and me because for once!

Merry Christmas

Morgen’s Christmas Eve and I’m not so into the Christmas spirit. For this reason, there are also no Christmas outfit by me. I had ordered me to have beautiful red dresses, opted for one, and thrown then it’s all over…
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Wear poncho – can I

So, beware girls! Who already once completely wanted to go out and really get on the (fashion) shit, should start now urgently. It is cool, the Sun is shining, it is simply a beautiful autumn winter. And for me absolutely…
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Fall Styling

Fall styling – so you’re fit your wardrobe #sponsored by tchibo – posted by heart HEdwards – I love you! Your Golden Sun, the cold morning and the wet leaves on the ground… All of it has its own charm!…
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Chapeau, Big Girls!

How three women a hat style “Hats off”, “Bravo”, “I take my hat off to friends” – so we may praise a person who impressed us in a special way. We express to our positive surprise and also our recognition…
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My First Elvi Rock

Starring: My first Elvi rock! I become older, high-quality items of clothing in my closet are more important to me. And also, what’s the theme of patterns, I’ve become very picky. I’ll much rather to structured materials, to unusual patterns.