Opposites Attract-The Big Summer Trend Black & White

Privately I did experience that opposites can be very appealing at the beginning of a relationship. Is the human being on the constant search for the hidden part of his self.

What can be somewhat tiring in the life in the long term, remains an always functioning and guaranteed chic “contrast medium” in fashion. In the upcoming spring/summer season, and also the must-have. That black is a slimming, might be now known most. The mix with the innocent white leads almost to the “hardness”arbitration and gives the trend some summery ease, who often miss many of us with outfits in black-from head to toe.

Moreover, this connection of the two non-colours is a reliable instrument to radiate elegance and noblesse in the blink of an eye.No matter whether the outfit consists of skirt and Blazer or trousers and Cardigan.

Anyone who regularly reads my posts, know that I am fan of uncomplicated fashion. That’s why this has addressed black and white dotted dress from Emilia Lay immediately me. The highly elastic rayon Jersey feels like a second skin. The winding optics with side gathering forms a beautiful silhouette in the waist and concealed Bauchpölsterchen. The subtle V-neck stretch known. On trips, the dress in your suitcase makes small all over. So, don’t forget to pack it for your next vacation. The dress is worn with pumps a worthy companion to any smarter looking dinner or even the captain’s dinner. With sandals and Sun Hat, it become the summer Strandoutift.

Fashion As Printed

Just for women with style, graphic prints are an exciting Trickmittel.Also here is true: opposites are Trump. In football, the round in the square belongs as rectangular and angular patterns generate favorable contrasts for curvy women. This light summer Cardiganembodies all the characteristics and combines extravagance with high wearing comfort. Especially appealing, I find that the jacket back barely covered the buttocks and total sackig has no track. She can be combined by the way also to the polka dot dress. Worn to a black pants she acts despite their extravagance occasion meet. If you like it more sporty, then pimping the jacket each as “banal” jeans elegant on. The pointy look stretches and cheats loose a few pounds away.

Red Fire To Black And White

The same applies for the light Catcher sweater Emilia lay. He also refined the rather tough jeans. He is an adequate alternative to the Blazer worn to black or white. 100% viscose providing a slight feeling of well-being. Normally, I’m no fan of round neck. Thanks to the white screen, compacting has no chance. Particularly refined, I find the White side contrast aperture. They conjure up a beautiful, feminine silhouette. The ¾ sleeve prevents summer heat buildup and is a further highlight of this beautiful fine knit dream. I have combined my dream to the super slim Mach pants Shakira .

Do you want to black without white look? Then just wear white sneakers-to the black station wagon and already the seriousness gives way to the light summer trend 2016 par excellence.

My extra tip: Bring a red splash of colour in the game. A red glasses, red lipstick, red handbag, red cloth, red watch… Individualize your outfit in addition, thereby signaling subtle Ardency.