New Zealand Travel Package

Are you one of those who are looking for excitement and adventure? And like to be captivated and seduced by Mother Nature? In New Zealand you can swim with wild dolphins or discover bird species you never thought existed. Test parachuting from breathtaking heights, continue the journey in a canoe down foaming rapids. You can have a beer with a sheep farmer or tickle your taste buds at some famous vineyard. Short for NZ by abbreviationfinder, New Zealand is the destination for all explorers – both lazy and adventurous. The country has been the backdrop for some real thunderous successes on film, among others. The Tale of the Ring and The Last Samurai. Endemic animal species are something of New Zealand’s specialty. Shielded from the external influence of the fauna, completely separate species have emerged here, the most famous being the Kiwin, the bird that cannot fly!

New Zealand


North Island
Three quarters of New Zealand’s 4.4 million inhabitants live on the North Island. Nearly a third of the country’s population is found in Greater Auckland, the country’s largest city and commercial center. Despite the fact that the country is in many ways characterized by its agriculture, almost nine out of ten inhabitants live in urban areas. The country’s capital Wellington can be found here. There are as many dairy cows as humans and yes it’s true – most of all there are sheep! Nearly 40 million of them.

South Island
The scenic landscape is New Zealand’s major tourist attraction. Beautiful mountains, volcanoes, forests, lakes and beaches provide opportunities for outdoor life and adventure tourism. Christchurch is the largest city on the south island. Many have likened the south island to the Norwegian coast with steep mountain slopes and deep fjords. Come here and see for yourself and compare.

Landet is the home of the Maori and their culture is clear. Everyone has heard of Haka – but what is it then? Jo Rugby national team – All Blacks – scary ritual before matches. It contains a lot of heavy (the one we have in our mouths) and macho movements to instill respect and fear in the opponents. Only performed by Kiwis!


Trekking Hollyford Track
One of the highlights of the trip is a three-day hike through the Hollyford Valley. With a guide you walk in the footsteps of the Maori 19km along the Hollyford River below the mighty southern Alps with views of the two highest peaks in Fiordland National Parks, Mt Tutoko (2746m) and Mt Madeline (2537m) You walk along impressive waterfalls and through thick beech forests. During breakfast you can see how the morning light slowly reaches the mountain sides and the valley warms up for another day of hiking. In the morning, take New Zealand’s longest suspension bridge on your way across Lake Alabaster. The next adventure is guaranteed to go faster when you on board jet boats travel through the ravines on the Hollyford River at Lake McKerrow, you slow down to look for bottlenose dolphins who are frequent visitors. The fates of the early discoveries are many and your guide is happy to tell you about times gone by as you walk on through the millennial forests. Soon the landscape turns into a huge coastal garden as you approach the coast. Strong waves that meet parts of the rugged coast are interspersed with calm coves inhabited by fur seals and penguins. The goal for the day is Martin’s Bay Lodge where you toast for a very eventful day with a traditional “Hollyford Toast”.


According to countryaah, New Zealand is located in the temperate zone of the Pacific Ocean between the equator and the South Pole, about 160 km southeast of Australia. The country is slightly larger in area than Norrland, but as far as the whole of Sweden. It consists mainly of two elongated mountainous islands: the North and South Islands, which are separated by the 30 km wide Cook Strait.

New Zealand has a mild temperate sea climate with small temperature changes, abundant rainfall and plenty of sun. As the country is located in the southern hemisphere, the temperature drops the further south you go.

No – Visa is not required for Swedish citizens for a stay of up to 3 months. The traveler may need to show a return ticket / ticket to another country, as well as sufficient funds for the trip.

New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

100NZD = 639.77 SEK

English and Maori are official languages

Mandatory – none.

Recommended – Children who have not had or have been vaccinated against measles, mumps or rubella should be vaccinated against them. Check with your vaccination center for personal needs.

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