New Wrap Skirts By Nijens – Wool, Corduroy And… Also In XXL!

Hello dear readers,

recently, I was in the wholesale trade in Hamburg among other things look new wrap skirts for fall/winter.

Update: Now Available In My Online Shop (Including Lengths And Sizes) To Order: Out Site.

In contrast to the summer skirtshere of the article somewhat less are colorfully patterned and not made of cotton and wool (nice and warm) and of corduroy. How had a page the other so differently.

Also the winter skirts can take theory from both sides, in cotton, but the buttons are so made that they are beautiful just by the wool or corduroy side. Worn the other way around you can see the “insides” of the metal push button.

The selection was once again real and I loved what were ready for great color and pattern combinations.

The Current Cord Wrap Skirts By Nijens Look Like:

Corduroy skirts are idR. on one side of flat cord fabric, and on the other side of the cotton. The row of buttons in the red and grey is easy and the two are without bag.

Most of the houses the fact has brought me, that there are the skirts in size XXL as well! Isn’t that great?

I’ve got one of the few (unfortunately still only three units there) try and get these easily stacked beaten (the “normal” rock works for me (size 50) just as Casheur and is slightly open).

I brought three piece so, like I’d taken more, because I can imagine that this innovation will inspire many women.

Here The Three Wrap Skirts Nijens In XL (Size 46-50 Closed To Wear), Length Approx 50-51 Cm, 65 EUR:

For more, also from cord should follow. Sorry, this is still not clear when exactly. But I’m on the ball and will check regularly.

Who would like a or have several of these skirts, contacts me please send an email to: inescordes – àt – or call me Tuesday, Thursday or Friday 11-13 and 15-18.30 in the shop under  map.

Corduroy or wool is helpful, if you know already about what color direction should be (black, red, green o.a.), and most importantly: how long is the best.

Here it is depends on whether you also solo would wear the skirt Leggings or tights on one (the longest skirts are about 50 cm long) or over a pair of pants, then usually a shorter skirt looks better.

That the skirts length increases to develop a stronger and stronger A form should also be considered. (Caution when strong hips!)

Small downside: the purchase prices were increased, so that unfortunately also the selling prices for wool and corduroy skirts of 49.90 on 55/59/65 euro rise.

Who be a magical piece of own call, to hurry. Here order online including mass:out site.

If you have a special length or color desire, I look like during the next visit to wholesale to the desired piece.