My Striped Jacket For Studio Untold

Last year I designed my first outfit for STUDIO UNTOLD and it is definitely one of my biggest highlights I’ve seen so far with my blog.

The beauty is that we again to met, to bring their own ideas on paper and then to translate into reality. This includes this lovely striped jacket in A form of me for Studio untold.

ELA, why stripes?

Strips are simply beautiful! And while we all know that strip do not thick, creates’s this misconception of women actually still to hold, buy beautiful striped clothes. Is it to be? : D
I have not put me off. Even more, I am grateful that they have taken on this jacket and added even more through a rock also the team of Studio untold. This is so wonderful!
Thank you Studio untold for this beautiful experience!

My outfit by Studio untold

We come now to the details of my today’s outfits. It is complete of Studio untold (up on the shoes).

I chose the striped jacket to an issued black dress, because I find that the “classic” version always works. Very nice I would imagine the jacket but also with bright colours. For example she would look super with this yellow dress by Studio untold or but with this pink skating dress.

The belt and the chain provide a decent amount of drama in this look. If you for example like to slightly quieter had it, it is enough to switch the belt already and the chain against pieces in pastels and the effect is quite different.

I would now like to know from you: How do you like the look and especially the jacket? 🙂

In love,.