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Museum of Modern Art in Chicago (Chicago, USA) — expositions, opening hours, address, phone numbers, official website.

According to iamaccepted, the Chicago Museum of Modern Art is a bold medley of original shows, prestigious exhibitions, themed programs and performances. Admiration, bewilderment, worship, approval, recognition, amazement, condemnation, distrust, tenderness, delight – the spectrum of emotions and visual impressions after visiting this museum is not only wide, but often contradictory. It would be an unforgivable mistake to bypass his attention to a person who is interested in modern world and, in particular, American culture. Firstly, this museum is included in the list of the largest museums of avant-garde art and postmodernism in the United States, and secondly, it will be a reliable guide to the art of a foreign country, will help to rethink and take a fresh look at the creative process and contemporary art.

Finally, it will be interesting to look at the museum building itself and its interiors. The dim and sometimes even gloomy facades of the building are fully compensated by the rich interior decoration: spacious halls filled with sunlight, huge pavilions, original spiral staircases – a real celebration of light and colors reigns inside. The building of the center is not static, but filled with energy and life, three floors of galleries and exhibition halls are connected by an impressive figured staircase and corridors filled with light.

The Chicago Museum of Modern Art is a bold medley of original shows, prestigious exhibitions, themed programs and performances.

The museum opened its doors to visitors in the autumn of 1967, the opening was accompanied by a festive ceremony that has become an annual tradition of the museum. A two-story building of the former bakery in West Town was also transferred to the museum’s needs, now it is equipped for gala evenings and events.

More about the exposition

The creators hatched quite ambitious plans: to collect a collection that would rise to the level of the world’s leading museums. These ambitious plans were realized thanks to the works of the famous kitsch fan Jeff Koons, the king of pop art Andy Warhol, the American artist Jasper Johns, and the influential photographer Cindy Sherman. Their surreal and conceptual works are included in the permanent exhibition and leave the most vivid impressions.

Social sculptures by Cara Walker and dynamic constructions by Alexander Calder also belong to the museum’s gold fund.

Today, the museum’s collection, presented on a permanent basis, has more than a thousand exhibits of fine art. These are painting, sculpture, photography, video installations, theatrical art and dance. Some elements of the viewer, accustomed to traditional culture, sometimes seem repulsive. Most of the art presented in the museum falls into the conditional category “not for everyone”, many visitors are left to wonder at the artistic value of the works of minimalist artists, the hidden meaning of performance or sculpture. However, the curators of the exhibitions strive to place the viewer in the cultural context of what is happening, to accompany the events with explanations and illustrative materials, so that in any case a visit to the center will remain a vivid memory.

A visit to the main exhibition can be combined with a visit to the theater hall, where lectures and art performances are regularly organized. The center also has a sculpture garden and an interesting café.

Every first Friday of the month, the museum hosts casual after-hours cocktail parties with jazz bands, drinks and snacks.

Useful information

Address: 220 East Chicago Avenue, Illinois, Chicago.

Phone: +1 (312) 280-26-60.

Opening hours: Tuesday: 10:00 – 20:00, Wednesday – Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00, Monday: closed. The museum is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Buy a ticket to the museum online.

Entrance: 15 USD, for students and visitors over 65: 8 USD, for children under 12 years old admission is free. For groups of 10 people: 8-10 USD. Group visits require advance booking.

How to get there: the museum is located in downtown Chicago, four blocks from it there is a Chicago Avenue stop on the CTA red line of electric trains, and bus routes number 10 and 66 also go here.

Museum of Modern Art in Chicago