Most Beautiful Dirndl By Shopping Jette In Large Sizes

Are not mega cute this Dirndl by Jette?

Especially the pink/green did it to me. I really like!;-)
I find Dirndl without huge satin aprons or in to bright colors in the cheap look are at last.
But totally tasteful colour combinations, fine patterns and beautiful cuts.
And also in large sizes! Up to 54 after all.
AND affordable. So a Dirndl set costs around 140,-euros. It’s fair for Dirndl, blouse and apron.

What do you mean?

What I don’t believe.

This Beautiful Dirndl Sets Are Actually By Jette Joop!

Yes, exactly! The Jette Joop, the daughter of Ali, the designer who is known for her jewelry pieces.
Now, she has designed clothing in large sizes!
I can’t believe it!
How did she get to do this now?
Have she become?
She has a heart for XXL ladies?

Or she want to make simply money?
I guess even the latter, because also Aldi Sud came in April of this year to enjoy of a Jette Joop collection.

Is BB´s drum. If BB´s is well done and I like’s but completely us no matter who himself has made that, right?

If you like one, just click on the small black cross button and you come directly to Zalando in the shop.
Here you can find out more details, see good photos and can order your favorite-Dirndl’s.

Do you like to wear Dirndl?
Or liebaugelst you like me just so?
Tell me BB´s! Right here in the comments!