Losing Weight But How? Steffi And Ines Discuss In The Chat.

The topic of weight loss was almost never relevant in the blog here. This is BB´s first and foremost so skillfully as I my curves stage and me so feel comfortable can. And where can I get the best fashion in my size and my style.

But the figure, the weight and weight loss are of course central points to our way of thinking constantly rotates. Times we then again don’t have that under control.

There are always phases where we let us go, grow, feel not good but look the other way and then, BB´s are again weeks even months where it works well with the better food, more moving and better feel.

I (INES)  I degree (again! It was high time!) get the curve and am in good flow with regard to eating less and moving more (I had already in theGymondo weight loss post reported).

Steffi   BB´s goes after her vacation USA as well. She also want to change something. Not happy in their skin, the Bikini graces in Miami gave her the rest. The kick was: now is again consciously lived and eaten!

Means we’re currently in the better life body take care slimming wellness mode.

We Both Want Something Remove And See Now How This Can Work Best.

We want to feel again comfortable in our bodies. Fitter. Portable. More attractive. Easier. Stronger.

But we have different needs and wishes with regard to the implementation.

Steffi is a vegetarian and want to do Yoga. It can bring muchdiscipline for some time and good pull too tight programs.

Ines will just change their diet, not renounce everything and takes a form of movement that is new for them and promises more action.

We both went on the search for a suitable form and are struck it rich:

  1. Steffi starts with the “get light” program by Ursula Karven
  2. Ines with Gymondo and the Softi nutrition;-)

Successes and obstacles want to report our experiences in the future.

Maybe you find yourself in one of us and can draw from this inspiration, motivation, and a fun energy friends who encourage you once again to take care of your body.

We believe that it is right and important to find the own form for themselves. You need to know you reasonably well to know what is the currently most suitable for you. What you can do, what you achieve and what’s also fun friends.

Missing these points and you jump only once again halsüberkopf in a strict diet and sign a 1-year contract in the gym then the danger is great that you eventually lose the discipline and need to get back on Los.

Beautiful is yet to find a form of nutrition as well as a form of movement for you that fits into your life and thinking. That meets your wants and needs and that you easily triggers. That motivates you and da picks up where you just stand.

One that you can integrate well into your daily routine so that you stay on the ball.

Here In The Chat, We Discuss What Degree With Weight Loss And Better Feel Every One Of Us Is Important.

What is always needed is motivation.

And discipline.

The them think one has just to not to lose.

And also go against itself.

I find that difficult. For me is the best my brain is in the condition as to the hypnosis. There is my think differently.

Today have I made (!) 2 x yoga. I have beaten myself and not lost!:-)


In the State goes after the hypnosis the write-offs and better food and more moving almost entirely alone.
Since I have not so much to discuss with me. I just do and many don’t feel like cooking. Can stop more.
This is a hot state.
I did but only from time to time;-). It is currently kindly begin.

When I’m good I can do a lot.

Relaxation is an important factor.

I may not lower sugars only.
Therefore I will not make Spa Detox.

I want to do more nothing blatant. I want to feed me like a “normal”. Times what treat me but often think: I don’t need!

At Ursula, there’s the cheat day.

I can’t do that.

What can you not do?

6 days clean eating.

Unless threatened with gastric banding .

I could even months .

Me too. But then it is no longer possible and the whole thing goes back to Los.

I just hope that I am coming through the diet and yoga in a flow.That which is mine.

I need a diet that I can actually keep. More connection to the body. Take care not only to the head.
The flow is coming!

I say it Yes – Yooooga

It made me really so fun. Ursula’s class.

Everyone so how he can do it.

The pressing plant just makes me fun.
Last year, aqua jogging has me (was something) fun made.

The agility comes – she says.

The mobility came at me after 3 days with the Gymondo dance workout.


Now after Yoga I feel stretched.

Yes. upright. greater.

So tall and straight.

This feeling is very fast. Awesome!

Ursula is also very nice. I like them all. It is so with him.
She says yoga 2 x saved her life.
Once physically, even mentally.

You can use the .

Be with me?


Is true.

Yes everyone needs. Come to rest, relax, turn off.

I think it’s great if you notice to someone that he or she feels totally good.

This is the goal.

And be like.

I like me often.
Often not.

More and more often.

Cool is Yes: as soon as you take care of your body you feel better and what radiates else immediately.
You can even if it is still thick. Is a matter of head in the beginning. I think that you have to work.

As you can see our opinions and “Skills” are. Steffi can keep for months on a strict diet plan. Which is also intended for Ursula Karven. If you want to go through with her 10-week program you must completely give up milk, cheese, noodles and Kitty chocolate & co.. Smoothies are announced.Grains, Chinoa and such.
You can find more information about the program here:


That would be way too hard INES. But never mind that Steffi.

How is it with you?

How Can You Best Take Off?

You’re also the straight guy like Steffi or do you need the Sanchez Variant?

Are after relaxation, meditation, and yoga or more sweaty dance workouts?

Have you ever tried one of these programs?

We want to know absolutely happy. 😉

Tell us of it right here in the comments!

Thank you very much!

Steffi and Ines