Little Lithuania

Versatile Lithuania is an affordable holiday destination.

Lithuania is a small country, but by no means a one-sided destination. In the country, for example, you can walk on the white sand dunes, enjoy the atmosphere of Vilnius Old Town or relax on the Hill of the Cross, beloved by Catholics.

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Lithuania is the southernmost Baltic country

Lithuania, the southernmost of the Baltic countries, is still inexperienced by many Finns, although according to some calculations the country is the geographical center of Europe. Lithuania pampers tourists with its historic capital, health spas and a lively coastline in summer.

According to countryaah, Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic States in terms of both population and area. Lithuania is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, bordering Latvia , Belarus , Poland and Russian Kaliningrad.

Short for LT by abbreviationfinder, Lithuania is a small country, so experiences of both the city and nature can easily be included in the same holiday. Vilnius ’ street cafes and lively markets are replaced in a few hours by a nature hike in one of the country’s many nature parks or by cycling on seaside routes. The second largest city, Kaunas, is an easy city destination for Finnish tourists thanks to a direct cheap flight connection.

In Lithuania, you can enjoy stunning coastal scenery that brings variety to Baltic urban destinations.

An affordable holiday in varying weather

Lithuania’s climate is not much different from Finland’s. Temperatures range from as high as 30 degrees in the summer to dozens of degrees in the winter. In general, however, the readings are nicely mild. The diverse country is a suitable travel destination in all seasons.

In summer, every corner of Lithuania is lively, so the best time to travel is from spring to autumn. However, even in winter, Lithuania is a great winter sports destination, and the Christmas atmosphere can be found in the Christmas market.

Spend a varied holiday in Lithuania

Lithuania typically travels on a city break, as in addition to Vilnius, the country’s capital, the city of Kaunas also attracts tourists.

The low price level and good service offer create a great setting for a city break. Both the service and local products are cheap in the country, and food is available at an affordable price from almost every cup.

In addition to urban destinations, you can also enjoy other types of places in Lithuania. For example, the country’s beach destinations are especially popular among Via Baltica and other Lithuanian visitors. There are also many spectacular natural sites in the country. The distances are short in Finnish, so it is possible to see several different destinations during a couple of days of vacation.

Safe travel destination

Lithuania gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1990, and Soviet history is still visible to tourists as small things. In many cities, large Soviet-era buildings have already been demolished, but history is still visible in some places in architecture as well.

From a tourist point of view, Lithuania is a safe tourist destination and there are no major threats. The crowds should keep a close eye on their valuables, and passports and other valuables should be left in the hotel safe if the situation allows. When intoxicated, it is not recommended to move alone.

Before traveling to Lithuania, it is a good idea to learn the basic phrases in the local language. Lithuanian, which belongs to the Indo-European languages, differs significantly from Latvia, for example. English is well spoken in Lithuania, so the tourist is fluent in English. You also know Russian, Polish and German in places.


There are direct flights from Finland not only to Vilnius but also to Kaunas.

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By plane or car to Lithuania

Direct flights from Helsinki to Vilnius are operated by Finnair . When flying from Helsinki to Helsinki by Air Baltic, you can make a stopover in Riga, and other flight connections are available. Low cost airline Wizz Air flies from Turku directly to Kaunas. And best of all, the flight time is less than two hours.

It is also easy to travel to Lithuania by car through Estonia and Latvia. Via Baltica runs through the country, so Lithuanian destinations are great stops by car to Central Europe. You can also get to Lithuania from Tallinn by bus.

Accommodation in Lithuania

Lithuania has been a travel destination for centuries, so the variety of accommodation options is in line with it.

For those looking for luxury, quality hotels in Vilnius are suitable, while those looking for a more rural character are likely to enjoy farm accommodation. There are still campsites for the adventurous and hostels for budget travelers.

Movement in Lithuania

Lithuania is covered by a well-maintained road network, along which motorists are served by petrol stations, eateries and motels. The country is also crossed by Via Baltica, a highway leading from Tallinn to Poland. The route passes through Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania.

Public transport in Lithuania is affordable both within and between cities. Buses are a safe option and are a convenient means of transport for both short and long distance traffic. The train is also a quick alternative for moving between cities.


Hot air balloons are a familiar sight above Vilnius.

Vilnius Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

From a Finnish perspective, Vilnius has been overshadowed by the capitals of the other Baltic countries, even though there are magnificent buildings and an old town selected for the UNESCO World Heritage List. You should set aside enough time to explore the streets of the Old Town and explore the historic buildings.

The capital of Lithuania is a suitable weekend destination, offering the opportunity to enjoy good food, shopping and cultural attractions, for example. The city’s attractions, restaurants, shopping streets and numerous museums ensure that things don’t stop in between.

Kaunas is suitable for shoppers

Kaunas is also known for its old town. The second largest city in Lithuania also has, for example, the handsome red Kaunas Castle, the pedestrian boulevard and many museums from war museums to art galleries.

The large shopping malls Akropolis and Mega in Kaunas keep the traveler busy. For those looking for cheap gifts, the giant warehouse area Urmas is especially suitable, where more than a thousand shops sell everything between the earth and the sky.

Just outside the city, the Pažaislis Monastery with its gardens and museums is an interesting place to visit for the whole family.

Klaipėda is the only port in Lithuania

The only Lithuanian port is located in Klaipėda, which was an important trading city hundreds of years ago. The coastal city rejoices at the sea and its opportunities, and Klaipėda is also a familiar stop for many Finnish sailors.

Since 1934, Klaipėda has hosted maritime festivals on the last weekend of July, during which the port city is full of various performances, events and people.

Resorts on the coast and inland

In addition to the city of Klaipėda, the Lithuanian coast can accommodate two beach resorts. Of these, Palanga is a lively summer city, while the more southern Neringa attracts with its sandy beaches and the title of the warmest place in Lithuania.

Neringa is located on a narrow peninsula, in the Curonian Spit. The quiet villages of Nida and Juodkrantė in the municipality of Neringa are good options for those planning a beach holiday.

Lithuanian inland resorts are Birštonas and Druskininkai. Both are small localities surrounded by beautiful nature, which already have a long history of accommodating holidaymakers looking for relaxation.

Druskininkai in particular specializes in health tourism, and there are numerous spas and health resorts in the city. Inland, 27 km from Vilnius, you should visit the spectacular inland water castle in the town of Trakai. Trakai Castle is one of the most popular attractions in the country.

The Hill of Crosses is full of symbolism

Perhaps the most unique attraction in the country is the Cross Hill near the city of Šiauliai. As the name suggests, the hill is full of crosses that have been symbols of Christianity, love and sacrifice for hundreds of years.

The long-standing tradition gained worldwide fame in 1993, when Pope John Paul II visited the hill to erect his precious cross.


In the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, you can admire old churches, among other things.


The most interesting travel destinations

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  2. Kaunas
  3. Klaipeda
  4. Neringa
  5. Hill of the Cross