Levi, Finland

According to liuxers.com, resort Levi is located in the western part of Lapland, 160 km north of the Arctic Circle. Levi, already three times recognized as the best ski resort in the country, differs markedly from most traditional Finnish resorts. Rather, it resembles Alpine ski centers with their compact buildings and developed infrastructure. Levi is the only one in Finland that boasts a gondola lift (Levi Gondola 2000) and international slalom championships.

An extensive system of trails, growing every season, covers the entire mountain with its open top and slopes covered with forest. It is difficult even for a well-trained skier to test all the local slopes in one day. The proximity of the ski lifts to the hotels allows you to make the most of your skiing time.

How to get to Levi

Domestic flight Helsinki – Kittil (1.5 hours), then a short transfer to Levi (15 minutes). You can also arrive by train in Kolari (the journey from the capital will take 11.5 hours), and then get to your destination by car in 1.5 hours.

Hotels and restaurants

The resort has four top-class hotels, as well as a lot of apartments and cottages. The Levitunturi Hotel, among other things, has an extensive spa complex and a small water park.

You can refresh yourself after a busy day of skiing in the numerous restaurants of Finnish and international cuisine. Of the local delicacies, it is worth trying “poro” – dishes from reindeer meat and “riekko” – white partridge.

Levy trails

The resort is convenient for beginners and novice skiers: there is a ski school with several Russian-speaking instructors, and several instructors work with children.

Professionals and amateurs of the intermediate level will be interested in the eleventh pistes with the G2 transition, the group of thirteenth pistes, as well as the area of ​​the fifth and sixth pistes. For beginners, we can recommend a group of eighth pistes (“family”), as well as the area where pistes 1, 2 and 3 are located.

The resort has the most extensive network of trails for snowmobiles (more than 600 km), flat skiing (more than 230 km, of which 23 km are illuminated).

In the city center, for the convenience of beginners and children, four free lifts are equipped. Ski passes can be bought at the ticket offices at the central lifts No. 1-3, at the Gondola-2000, No. 8 LevinSki and No. 6 lifts.). Also, all the necessary equipment can be rented from the Gondola-2000 and LevinSki lifts.

Levi Attractions and Attractions

A large sports and recreation complex and a mini-water park, owned by the SPA-hotel “Levitunturi”. Numerous restaurants, bistros, cafes, Alko wine shop, wine cellar, souvenir shops. A large entertainment center “Hulu Poro Areena” – famous bands and musicians perform there, discos are held.

For kids

Children’s town in the open air with games and sports, a ski school with a children’s instructor, a game center for entertainment at the Levitunturi hotel with a nanny who speaks Russian.

Levi, Finland