Keep Cool In Plush Linen Fashion For The Summer

“Linen Go” for relaxed summerlooks, the Plussize Ladies offer cool styling possibilities for hot days: linen fashion is an evergreen among the summer fashion themes and again this year leads to airy linen pants, skirts, dresses and tops No way around.

Relaxed cuts and the natural material characteristics of linen make clothing pieces, which consist of the millennial crops, so popular in the summer. Fashion made of linen is light, air permeable and offers in many beautiful colors and in refined cuts a lot of styling room.

Why Linen Fashion Is So Popular In The Summer

Linen fabric is very noble due to a light shine. It is made from a flax fiber, which is one of the oldest useful plants of mankind, but was replaced by the relatively cheaper cotton as a material for clothing and textiles in the household at the end of the 19th century.

Linen Fabric



Antistatic and antibacterial

Tear resistant and robust

Insensitive to dirt

Does not fumble

Has a pleasantly cooling effect due to its surface structure

All the best reasons to grab this trendy summer outfit!

Linen-Fashion: Casual Fashion For Hot Days

Blouses, tunics, dresses, shorts, skirts or trousers: linen-fashion is a great thing for women with curves, because many parts of linen are nicely airy cut and stand out – especially on hot days – by a very high wearing comfort. Nothing tweaks or stretches and through the smooth case does not wear linen fashion unnecessarily. Small cuddles can be so subtle.

Our Plussize Linen Favorites For The Summer

Linen Garments

Summery linen is not only very comfortable to wear, it can also be very sexy, for example in the form of a tailored dress with flared skirt part.There are linen dresses as a classic shirt blouse dress, which also makes a great figure in the job or as a feminine garment variant with different neckline and sleeveless solutions.

Refined wrapping effects or gathers conceal a small tummy. Particularly elegant is a linen dress when combined with color-matching accessories and shoes, for instance in trendy sorbet or khakitones. A belt puts the waist cleverly in the scene. But they also look great on graphically cut caftan dresses made of linen, which can be thrown wonderfully uncomplicated and casual, and do not need much more than a few comfortable sandals as companions.

Linen Pants

Airy linen pants are real all-rounder for the summer. They can be used as a basis for relaxed leisure as well as for serious businesslooks.Combine, for example, a patterned blouse or a slightly longer tunic, which skilfully picks up a few more pounds around your stomach, buttocks and hips, and you are already dressed perfectly for a balmy summer day. With high shoes, the outfit automatically gets a feminine touch, sporty to look at canvas sneakers and real holidayfeeling comes with open sandals, espadrilles or also trendy lace-up ballerinas.

Linen Shorts

If you like sporty and uncomplicated, Leinenshorts as an alternative to the skirt or long pants offer a changeable option with many styling possibilities: to the sporty poloshirt or tank top or to the feminine blouse, one and the same Leinenshorts suddenly gets a whole new statement.

Very trendy-and absolutely flattering for strong legs – are still Culotte or Capri cuts, which can also be ladylike, sometimes casual style, for example with a chic top or a cool T-shirt. If the ankles are visible, the silhouette stretches favorably. The effect of high shoes is enhanced.

Linen Skirts

Whether it is a pleated skirt, midi or maxi length: skirts made of linen are super versatile and make a look immediately feminine. In pastel shades or classics like white, navy or black, they bring airy femininity into the wardrobe. Sometimes a linen skirt with elegant top and short blouses can be stylishly styled, with a knotted jeans shirt or a Crop Top, it’s really trendy and a narrow striped shirt will lure it maritime casualness.

Whether casual or elegant: airy plussed linen fashion keeps you cool on hot days and looks great at the same time. Waisted cuts and refined details ensure that linen fashion has left its “bag image” far behind for large sizes. On the contrary: Trendy and comfortable than in fashionable linen parts can hardly be encountered in summer! Linen for summer trendlooks!