In The Portrait: Four Successful Plus Size Fashion Bloggers

When it comes to living out his love of fashion and feeling comfortable in his own body, the dress size plays absolutely no role.

On this point, the four young women we want to present to you today agree. They all combine a great passion for fashion-and away from the clothing size “Size Zero”.Jules, Stefanie, Nicole and Laura are successful Plus Size Fashionbloggers and want to use their blogs to encourage other curvy women to feel beautiful and sexy in their skin and inspire them with their styles. They gave us a look at what looks they love best, what their personal fashion highlights are this year, and how women can put their curves perfectly into the scene.

Jules Of Schönwild.

“Wear What You Love: In It You Have The Most Beautiful Air!”

When she was asked at school what she wanted to do, she always replied: “Something that does not exist yet. Something special. I can combine journalism, filming, photography, creativity and everything I enjoy, “says Jules. The 26-year-old girl from Hamburg is the face behind “SchönWild.” And has fulfilled her dream with her blog. Since 2012 she writes about fashion, beauty and travel.

Jules describes her style as “versatile”. From rivetboots with a leather jacket and a light gown to the elegant blouse with a loden trousers and Chelsea boots to some sporty or an outfit with sequins and glitter.
In terms of fashion, she is changeable and very curious, as she says. She loves to combine new materials and cuts. She always tries to shape her style again and again. “The most striking thing for me is certainly my make-up. I love make-up, because I can free my creativity, look fresh and adapt it to the style of my fashion items. ”

The inspiration for her looks is Jules mainly through her friends, her Instagram feed, Pinterest boards as well as other bloggers and plus size models.

These fashion must-haves are indispensable according to Jules 2016:

Wild Leather. Key pieces in brown, soft suede leather look.

Flow. Jackets and blasters in foxing fabrics.

Shine Bright. Glitter, sequins and everything that glimmers.

Schluppen blouse. Loop looks are elegant and timeless.

Of materials. Leather with tweed. Tulle with silk.

Everything is possible.

Jules Tips For Curvy Women:

“My rule no. 1: Wear what you love! If you
do not like it, do not wear it, because you emphasize your upper part too much and you can also see your belly, it should be sporty “-Sporty, I found this very often ironic and could not understand why I should have an athletic style with overweight – no clothes, no chains, no glitter, then a few years ago the day changed everything But I did not know what to do, but I did not know what was going on.

And now to the tips:
I am a huge fan of Babydoll-cuts with 3/4 long sleeves. Dresses that have a band under the chest, loosely hips the hip and emphasize the legs.
A no-go for me personally are Culottes. I’ve already worn them and I think they do not do anything for my figure and style, so they can not go into my wardrobe. ”

Stefanie Of Plussize-Crush

“The Size Should Not Play A Role In The Love Of Fashion”

She describes herself as a small freeman who is always on the lookout for motivation and inspiration. For a year, Stefanie from Augsburg wrote on her blog “Plussize-Crush” about her passion for fashion, travel and photography. With her blog she wants to show that you can also be dressed “fashionably and trendy” with a little more on the ribs. “The size should not play a role in the love of fashion”, Stefanie is convinced.

She likes wearing boyfriend jeans: “The more they are torn and torn, the better.” She describes her style as a sporty one, but with targeted accessories, she directs it in different directions.What is important to her is that she does not lose her personal “casual” score. She would never wear a bullet-free one, she says: “Not because I do not have any guts, but because there is a border between style-conscious and” no “at all.The inspiration for her looks takes her above all from the uniqueness and diversity of her environment. They also inspire the looks of Sandra from the blog “black-palms”, because they have a very casual and cool style, without being wanted.
Stefanie’s fashion must-haves for the year 2016 include especially patches on pants, jackets and co. As well as the ethno-look for clothes and bags. Your personal trend color: Rosenquarz! In addition, the trend is light, waving hippie dresses with a great print, paired with sneakers.

Stefanies Fashion Tips For Curvy Women:

“In general, I think you can carry in the plus size area what you want. One should, however, be careful not to buy the garments too tightly. This can go quickly in the other direction. In addition, one should also pay attention to the selection of substances that are of good quality.

If you have breasts, you can show them with a lower V-neck and focus on them. If you have an insane waist, please point and emphasize. Also I find short skirts or dresses with beautiful legs an absolute must. Highlight your chocolate sides. High shoes (attention, but only with a block or wedge!) Also make long legs and make us look more confident in terms of posture, which in turn affects the rest of our outfit. ”

Nicole From Kurvig-Schoen

“I Would Like To Motivate Other Women To Develop More In Terms Of Fashion And To Find Their Style”

She has always liked to be inspired by other PlusSize blogs and has always been fascinated by how self-confident the bloggers are to their curves, Nicole says. Gradually, she had also begun to trust herself more and became more and more self-assured. Because she also wanted to motivate other women to develop in fashion and to find their style, she launched her blog ” kurvig-schoen ” in early 2013 .

Nicole is 26 years old, a native of East-Thuringia and has been living in Chemnitz for five years.She is not so sure about style. She loves high shoes and airy clothes, but also likes to try something new. Their outfits are often quite sporty. In the course of time, however, she became more confident about her choice of clothes: “Just a few years ago, I thought I would never wear a belly-free top. Meanwhile I have some of them and I like to wear high-cut skirts or high-waist shorts. So I do not think there is anything I would never wear. ”

She often finds her inspiration on other fashion blogs. Recently, she often visited Lotta of and Andrea from “In the plus size area, Ela of Conquore and Cecile of Theodora Flipper are the most enthusiastic,” says Nicole.

In the fashion year 2016 Nicole sees the 70s style far ahead, especially percussion pants and hippie dresses with large patterns. “You can also combine great outfits with Culottes and get off to a good start with fashion technology,” the 26-year-old said. Apart from that, she likes to be surprised by the fact that she can not really anticipate the trends that ultimately really end up.

Nicole Fashion Tips For Curvy Women:

“I do not think all the colors and cuts fit to any plus size woman alike. In general, however, one can say that one should always pay attention to the problem areas and to emphasize its advantages.Well-dressed clothes do me very well, for example. It flatters my curves and distracts from my belly. An absolute Fashion No Go (and not only for Plus Size Women) are leggings in combination with a short shirt. Simply terrible!”

Laura By Fashiontwist

“A Woman Can Carry Everything-If Only She Wants”

Her passion for fashion dates back to her earlier childhood. Even then she had dressed her girlfriends and drafted fashion designs, Laura tells. When she founded her Plus Size Fashionblog in 2012, the selection of fashion in large sizes, especially in Germany, was still very limited. Laura suspects that more curvy women just a few years ago were not yet brave enough to be confident about fashion. The 20-year-old wanted to counter this situation: “I wanted to show that you do not have to be afraid to wear what you like, because if you feel good and radiate, there is no reason to hide . ”

She does not have a real fashion model as she says, but the style of Olivia Palermo is very good. She loves wearing shirts and blouses, as she always looks well dressed and can be worn on almost any occasion. In general, in terms of styling, she is more likely to use clear cuts and may combine different fabrics with each other.What should never be missing in her outfits is jewelery: “watches, rings, earrings, bracelets-I like playing with accessories. But my heart clearly belongs to my pockets!”, Says Laura.

Laura’s fashion highlights this year are leather dresses and blazers: “Leather, because this is simply an incredibly exciting material, which can be combined very differently. And the blue tones, because they just look incredibly fresh, fit into any complexion and simply spray a feeling of summer! ”

Laura’s Fashion Tips For Curvy Women:

“For me, there are no no-gos in principle. I am of the opinion that woman can carry almost everything she wants. It is important that it is properly seated and neither too big nor too small.And: that you carry it with pride! But a few small tips, which I like to hold, I can still go along with: If you want to wear a wide garment, then the rest should be rather tight, so either up and down tight or vice versa. If you are not so comfortable, cuddly cardigans or large bags or jewelery steer away from the problem zones. In addition, I like to personally choose dresses and skirts like a kneeling or minimally shorter length, as this stretches wonderfully and yet you do not have to fear that you see everything. “