Fat Can Use Stripes? #Juntassomosmaiores

Today is the day to post the second challenge of the #juntassomosmaiores! If you still do not know about the project (see the explanatory post here), basically I and other bloggers unite to start collective posts that can be about fashion or any other matter in order to go Demystifying questions, rules and myths related to plus size. The first theme was “fat in tights” and the second, which is this, FAT using stripes. Always gave me a lot of tantrum that people saying it was a crime to a fat person wearing horizontal stripes. To begin with, an outfit does not have

Fat Can Use StripesJuntassomosmaiores
the power to get fat nobody. At most, at most, you will look like you really are”, so it is a nonsense without end run the lovely stripes. Including, recently, I did a very complete post with several fashion tips talking about the various ways of using stripes and if you haven’t, I highly recommend you click here.
I’m coming to apologize because the photos you get are not a Brastemp, but I’ve been able to do. I’m working and I’m turning 30 us these days with things in the blog, so ended up going with the same phone, but what matters is the inspiration. This dress with stripes, including, bought on by R$ and found 79.00 Renner cool, especially because it is a good option for day to day!
Funny that this dress stripes are horizontal and I couldn’t see at all, how could I look fat in these pictures because of them. See how much is taboo and you need to be more daring and more honest with yourself? Someone said you can’t use? Go on, take a few models, try it and see how you feel. That’s what a woman with self-esteem and personality should do. Isn’t this manoeuvre mass media people and fashion, please. Stripes are timeless, combined with several other prints and always give a “tchan” the look, so I repeat: If you need some tips on how to use them, read my post here, but be sure to use them!