Eye Candy Or Antifreeze? My Nightwear Favorites

Again and again I am amazed myself, what has accumulated for characteristics with me over the years. In itself I am imagining always, to be completely straightforward, but there, the (Eigenheits-) devil is in the detail.

This is reflected, inter alia, on the subject of nightwear. Like, I would please an eye of my partner with playful Negligees and imitate my early Filmheldinnen such as Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren or Grace Kelly. But with a hint of anything on the skin I would freeze plain and simple. And Schulterwarmer… that’s about to the negligee as you would use a wiggling dog in a Ferrari.

A Touch Of Nothing

Interestingly a negligee by definition in origin but what probably most think it is not. Because in the real sense of the term, it simply means “the sloppy dress”. This can be also a “mundane” Nightgown.The sloppy dress received his sexy reputation so only a long time after his birth by the Marquise de Pompadour.

And so a negligeefinds himself for frosty girl like me. Its subtle sophistication turns only to the Viewer, if you show him the “cold shoulder”. Because the entire back is made of delicate lace, while the carriers pleasantly wide and the front part is rather simple, but all the more powerful. Frankly I find spectacular this model and am very curious to see whether my partner also see it that way.

I Wear This At Night Preferably

When the heat of the night is actually no longer sufficient, I reach for the beautiful Nightgown with long sleeves. Confess why not also in the bed keep (curvy) forms and color. The pleats and Paspelierungen give this model a special predicate. The fine tip of the motif reminiscent of Maria Stuart and is simply beautiful. Just like the negligee, the pleasant composition consists of 50% cotton and 50% modal.

And now comes my personal Eigenheits faith, but that many might be smile: on cool nights I feel in the Pajamas with bondage cuffs most of all comfortable. Because it makes me crazy, when the pant legs dance direction knee. The delicate ornaments on the top make an appealing contrast to the flat pants.

We Spend Most Of The Time In Bed

Pajamas, Nightshirt, or fancy negligee-ideally we spend about 1/3 of our life in bed. Because it’s worth already, to be uncompromising in terms of sleepwear selection. Because nothing affects the mood as much as sleep robbers of whatsoever. Speaking of: Every now and then I reach for earplugs, not to be disturbed by the Middle Road. But I had to find the correct hearing protection is a science in itself. And I’ve ordered me a potpourri of different earplugs in the course of time and tested and came to the conclusion that these are the best for me and my ears: our site/Produkte/mini-soft.html
You do not press even after hours and provide adequate noise protection.

I hope in any case, a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams.