Elvi Fashion Green Gilet Jacket Outfit

Here I am wearing the Elvi Fashion Green Gilet for the first time. “Green, green. all my clothes are green… “-so one of my favorite child songs from the past begins.” I could remember not all stanzas, but always the “Jägermeister” began with me (instead of hunters I sang Jägermeister, hmm… ^^) and presented I got him in a beautiful Russian green, of course in my imagination! Today, I take the opportunity to write a bit of green colour in fashion.

The color green in fashion

Now in 2016, I wear something green finally also deliberately. This very pretty widespread in the fashion world is green.
There are always trends in green or variations, for example in khaki. The last huge Trendschubser was in 2013, such as Emerald, an intense shade of green, which was crowned by PANTONE color of the year. Now is green again in 2016 strong on the rise: it is called green may – now Russian green, khaki, olive, Pine-Green, and it has so many facets, as hardly another color.

I personally prefer the earthy green varieties. I think she’s flexible and they can be excellent in my favorite seasons autumn and spring under. Whether it be with jeans, white, black, or even beige and Koralltönen – the combinations are warm and have flair!

Below in the post like next some beautiful Fündstücke from the Internet fits to the theme. Now, there are some pictures of the look:

Green fashion in plus size online stores

Shops such as Studio Untold, navabi, ASOs , Dorothy Perkins are of course ready and have enough items in the matching color world of green. In the slideshow, you can find for example a Skinny Jeggins from Dorothy Perkins, which I bought in Zalando.

At Studio untold I’ve found (yet long not all) so many beautiful things that have inspired me to a welcome in to the jungle to create collage – I like the parka particularly well!