Cool Plussize Trend: Culottes – Where They Come From, Why We Love Them

Relaxed cut, “leg-free” as a rock and so flexible: The Culotte is currently the favorite of all fashionistas! The new edition of the classic trouser skirt is more multifaceted than ever and flattered-if the cut, material and color match-every figurine type!

Plussize ladies can also show trend trends in Culottes-we reveal which Culottes are fit for plussing and how they are best styled!

As a favorite emancipated women, the Culotte was already excited at the beginning of the last century: Coco Chanel was wearing her leg-free skirt alternative, and Chanel’s “rival” Elsa Schiaparelli, who was the epitome of feminine grace in the skirt, liked to wear trouser skirts in the 1930s , Originally, Culottes were reserved exclusively as men in the late 17th and 18th centuries, respectively, as close-knit “knitwear”.In the Victorian Age In the middle of the 19th century, the trousers disguised as a skirt appeared as riding clothes for women on the fashionable surface. Once the taste of the comforts offered by Culottes to their wearers, the trousers skirt was more sporting and leisure than everyday wear, but secured Chanel and Schiaparelli’s designs at the latest in the women’s clothing.

Today, we appreciate the emancipatory, not insignificant wide pants because of their comfort – but above all also for the countless styling options that enable us!

In the seventies and eighties, Culottes were an integral part of the fashion of the ladies, but in the 1990s almost completely disappeared from the scene. It is a good thing that they are back in a multi-faceted new edition, because hardly a piece of clothing gives us more beautiful and elegant leg-freedom than the changeable, wide trouser shape, whose silhouette resembles a flared skirt.

Plussize-Trend Culottes-This Is How To Wear The Fashionable Pants Shape

Culottes are back and we are delighted about the styling variety they brought with them! Especially for ladies with feminine curves and lush forms, Culottes are an exciting theme, because thanks to their relatively wide cut, they are perfect for concealing one or more kilos more skilfully. Elegant, sporty, feminine or even puristic outfits can be conjured with a Culotte! If you want to prove trend-affinity and fashionable sensitivity with plussize-measurements, grab the Culotte! Plussize ladies, the wide trouser skirts are at least as good as dainty women-provided the cut, material and color of the trousers are correct!

Our Tips For Successful Plussize Culotte Styling

Through the wide cut cover Culottes wide thighs or a lush Po. In order to avoid the silhouette becoming “clumsy”, it is important to emphasize the narrowest body part when combining a Culotte, such as the lower part of the chest, the waist or the hip.

Putting the tops into the waistband creates a slim body center-a simple, but not underestimate slimming machine! Shells worn over the trousers can be worn with a belt on the waist, for example. If you bet on Layering has the possibility to play with length and carries eg a Crop Top under a long, sleeveless vest-an exciting game with layers.

Monochrome culottes are more advantageous than patterned ones. With an eye-catching top and eye-catching jewelry, you will get the power you need, and your Culotte outfit always looks different.

Caution with bright color nuances – white, pastel tones & co. Are visually stronger than muted tones or dark colors.

Patterned fabrics generally make a wide hip or thigh area even wider, but they can still be worn by louder women, as long as the silhouette remains intact. Large-format designs are more suitable for Plussize Culottes than small-scale patterns, which are quickly lost by luscious women.

Longitudinal stretches stretch the silhouette and lengthen the legs visually. Cool combination: Wide stripes in black and white to hip pastel or neon tones.

Ideal for the Culotte: High shoes! In the summer, for example, sandals with heels fit well to the wide cut of the trouser legs, because they draw attention to the ankle, which is narrower compared to the volume of the fabric. Perfect “Culotte companion” are shoes with block or wedge heel, which lengthen the leg and give us posture, but are also comfortable during long wearing. When it’s getting cool, high-top boots in the 70’s style look super under the pants legs of a Culotte – high comfort paired with feminine retro elegance!

Depending on the outfit, the Culotte can be fitted with either a T-and a sweatshirt, a blouse or a sweater. Thanks to blazers, vests, jackets, blousons or coats, Culottes accompany us in the autumn.

In terms of shoe selection, the Culotte gives us a lot of freedom: both flat and high shoes fit the wide cut of the hip trousers. Cool it’s with plateau soles or masculine laces, feminine with ankle boots, heel boots with heel or showy heels.

With Two Basic Principles, The Plussize Culotte Styling Is Easy To Work With:

The further the cut of a Culotte, the narrower the upper part should fail. To emphasize the waist ensures that despite the width of the pants a flattering silhouette is preserved. The longer the trouser legs and the shorter the length of the leg, the better it is to wear shoes with heel to keep the proportions balanced. heels