Congratulations To The 80-Th, Love MOM. Or: The Dalai Lama And My Mother

Today, on the 06.07. celebrates a very prominent earthlings his 80th birthday: the Dalai Lama. Not quite as well known, but for my existence and for me, my mother is more important.

And also she celebrates today her 80th birthday. Whether the two with its strong energy are probably responsible for record the temperatures of these days…

The vintage 1935 – was so my mother-a very special. Indeed, her childhood was still marked by the war and post-war terror and often tells of the French occupation in her beloved hometown of Langenargen at Lake Constance.

Is entered in Google “Chronik 1935”, appears and also notice that “Ingrid” in that year was one of the most popular given name. Sure, it was a coincidence that I was baptized 35 years later on this name.

Because the “Klärle”, as I call them, health a bit is posted, I had to partially take over the Organization of Jubilee day. Not an easy task.

So we are 4 children, 8 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren – all in all no small clan and nearly 60 guests get together with friends. We are celebrating now in the local sports home, so that we have all the time for the rare coexistence and not only on the back-and-forth rush are.

The Right Outfit For (M) 80 Year Old Lady Is A

However, the biggest challenge was for my mother to choose the right outfit. She had always been a good taste. I think it was put her in the crib. Although her family (farmers) had little money, she was always stylishly dressed, because her sister Paula sewed for her. You found the Klärle in the black-and-white family photo in the middle.The sweet little thing with a propeller on its head.

My tastes were always different from their. And it also explains why the outfit choice just was a challenge. You hate orange, I love orange.

Now I have ordered her this combination and, although it was initially not very happy that she has like to wonderfully and I find things are you prima:

The sweater is a gorgeous silk cotton blend (70/30%). Thus, it is also the day of record-breaking heat. The pants are extremely comfortable and ideal thanks to its high cotton and Elasthananteils also for long periods of sitting. Get a real good feel outfit, but not overdressed. Since my Klärle not a dress type is for them so the optimal choice.