Calvin Klein White Label Features Male And Female Lines For Autumn/Winter 2015

Calvin Klein White Label features male and female lines of sportswear, jeans, underwear, and performance accessories for the fall/winter 2015. Urban nomads seductive on the scene with a new sense of elegance.

Clothing. Irreverent and stripped. The fabrics and surfaces are revisited to evoke a feeling of confidence. For women, the sport line is smooth with a touch of defiance with the second skin ultramacia of mohair and silk. The coats and dresses were elongated in a new maxi length. The high-waisted Sweatshirt marked, combined with a crop-sleeved declares a strong visual and uninhibited. The large collar blouse, woven with comfortable spots and textures, is ideal for people with free spirit, open and sexy. Designed to attach trim and function, the fake fur vest and Calvin Klein performance sarouel pants are perfectly in line. The color palette consists of chalk color, raw, black and bronze, complemented by pastel of blue ice and pink blush.

For men, the line is an amplification of individuality. The silhouettes are simple, lean and structured. The skinny black polo shirt is the hallmark of the season. Trim slim suits with wool optical patterns are combined with black ties. Visual well groomed effortlessly with classic out of shape; the braided wool textured jacket with high collar and edges disrupted; the Sweatshirt reworked in micro and macro chart patterns; the biker style updated nylon collar of fur; the blazer with dry cutting felt fabric, knitted slacks merged;and the faux leather Aviator style washed. The looks are accurate and polished with a carefree implied. Intense color, like Burgundy, Navy Blue and forest green, are combined with graphic black and shades of gray with touches of cobalt blue that add depth and dimension.

Calvin Klein Underwear. Dramatic sexuality. For women, the daring call of the season brings a new kind of sensuality, with the balconette BRA, deep cleavage shirts and bodysuits from Calvin Klein collection Black in Black Lace embroidered, offering a seductive drape with subtle transparency. Alternatively, the tops and bralettes from Calvin Klein Magnetic body, with complementary favor flip-flops and bikinis hipsters. For men, the TRIMs that define the body are high, composed of cotton and Microfiber.Calvin Klein Magnetic line combines the brilliance of the metal and the intensity of color to create the waistband with greater visual impact. New athletic silhouettes, the v-neck and short cyclist are available on line Air Fx, while underwear in rich colors are introduced in this collection Calvin Klein Black.

Calvin Klein Jeans. Dark, decadent and erotic. The jeans in mesh is the key to the season, appearing on shirts, jackets and jeans, all in cut slim with the comfortable feel of Sweatshirt. For women, the new cast jeans appears in a series of metallic finishes. Leather domina line, making a strong statement with overalls peppered by use of lace for a feminine feel. For men, the jeans are reprocessed, distorted and repaired, available in linear finish new straight-mouth style. Advanced features such as invisible seam pockets, create an impression.

Accessories. For her, the sexy heels and boots in several models-overknee, below the knee and ankle — all with architectural leap in colors of red, black or forest. The bags come in leather colorblock or available or the lamb-in shades of pink, bordeaux, white or black – with handles, longer styles, some with spikes and chains or irreverent double-sided bags. The male with shoes and boots strips and semi-gloss performance are available in oxblood, Navy Blue, black or with textured, stylized heel with a large leather bag. The men’s and women’s jewelry from Calvin Klein platinum with subtle stainless steel architectural finishes have leased forms that add attitude and expression, as the copper and scanned Unisex Watch black leather, inspired by the years 1970.