Blazer By Yok Black Label – Plus Size Outfit. 10

My New Blazer Is From The Dutch Fashion Company Yok.

The grade, YOK creates feminine fashion for fashion-loving women in large sizes.

In the online shop by YOK, you get plus size clothing in size 38-58. The shop BB´s way here:

In this post I had reported ever Yok: click here!

Recently, the new collection “Black Label” is published mainly with festive influenced fashion especially in black, zebra pattern, dots, glitter and lace. In the colour and material choice (except for Zebra) they are properly ever with me.

YÖK kindly made me the offer to seek out a piece of cake from the new black label a few weeks ago. Freu!

First I went to the parts of the top slopes remained, then I chose but a classic: the black Blazer.

I’m wearing a Blazer from time to time like to, immediately make a loose, easy reputable and who wants to also sexy impression.

But they are not too short and not too long and must be fitted first and foremost.

The good piece fulfills this desire. What is I like that the Blazer from the waist is down slightly, that forms a nice silhouette.

The material is very stretchy and slightly shiny. Small drawback: the Blazer is not jet black, but lighter, which can give conflicts with properly black bottoms, is but to get things done.

The size fits me a 48, I have a figure-hugging Blazer like crisp in the seat.Prefer a tank too tight as a too wide and schlodderig. This unsexy look.

This Blazer by YOK is of course fed and quality. He has a classic shape with a small lapel. This seems like a bit lush.

He is of size 44-54 for 269,-euro. Woman can attract nothing to sneeze at, but a classic Blazer for years, so more must be invested here.

I totally like the combination of Blazer with black Marlene trousers.Blazer can be serious, but also casual jeans styling with himself.

Learn more about the Blazers by YOK here

Word of advice: In the SALE and in the OUTLET of YOK grad many parts are greatly reduced.

Many thanks to YÖK to this great piece!