Beautifulcurvy: Curves Make A Statement

The Beautifulcurvy calendar, appears for the fifth time this year, and Barbara Cameron launched was, is a correct and important institution in the meantime. This curvy calendar confirmed his intention this year is not the usual calendar that represents only beautiful images of women with a few men in between, because he wants a proper Embassy convey through the black and white photographs of the fashion photographer Stefano Bidini, who supported the project since its first issue.How successful is the calendar, is also evident in the download numbers: he is downloaded every year around 100,000 times.And the request is growing.

Women and men, different ages, backgrounds and lifestyles come together here, because they have experienced similar life stories and experiences as they physically meet not the stereotypical ideals of beauty that represents us to the world of our media. Often one doesn’t think of the consequences that can provoke such ‘ideals’. A system so far as to affect that everyone tries to forget his individuality and uniqueness.

Therefore, the desire of a redress, so that the inner wound healed and compensation arises, as you can clearly see on each photo with the positive charisma.

Inner strength and vitality create a form of beauty with a different angle, internal values are more important than the outer shell to point out our uniqueness. A total of 29 women among whom we recognize Paola Torrente on the cover, which has won second place in the Italian beauty contests and was launched by the last calendar. It is the moral winner and was a surprise in the election of Miss and it is the calendar, which indicates the importance of the own person with two men and many women.

The Beautifulcurvy Calendar Is International

Italy is until even Brazil, Africa and Colombia are represented to the South from the North, as you can find different traits in the models, which are between 20 and 50 years old. Normality is celebrated here with a common goal, which aims to raise awareness among the public opinion. The models that support this project with body and soul, would reach the masses to help especially the new generations, to love each other and accept. Not for nothing, several women who are also Mothers are in the calendar.

This project is gaining popularity from year to year, thanks to the continuous and unremitting use of its inventor, former fashion editor and correspondent of several international magazines, which has created a reference point with its website, to publish tips and information not only from the curvy fashion industry. Thanks to the growing interest by pages of international fashion companies as big & tall, importer international curvy and plus size brands – Bon Prix, Anita, and Rosa Faia (underwear and beachwear) from Germany, Kiabi from France, Krisline for differentiated underwear from Poland – support the project, it grows beyond far beyond the country’s borders. From Italy have Sophia Curvy, Mariluna Freesize, Curvyssime plus size bridal fashion and Liberti, Impronte Parah, Parah for beach – and Underwearfashion by participated and Max Fort for the men’s fashion.

As a team, the game is very exciting, because the women and two men are transformed artist Valeria Orlando of the makeup with its employees and the Hairstylists Framesi into proper shooting stars. Proudly, she put her curves before the lens of the fashion photographer Stefano Bidini, which supported the project since its first issue in scene.