Beach Holiday in Europe

Europe is not a continent that is often associated with paradise islands, where you get chalk-white sandy beaches with azure waters. But when you find the European hidden treasures, Europe can give you the ultimate beach holiday in an enchanting paradise. Many of the continent’s southern islands, which i.a. Sicily, Sardinia and Tenerife are home to beautiful sandy beaches with azure gardens. Despite the fact that Europe’s beach holiday destinations are not comparable to the paradise islands on the other side of the world, a beach holiday to Europe is a good alternative and often at cheaper prices. One should certainly not underestimate Europe’s opportunities for warm temperatures and beautiful surroundings, if only one chooses the time wisely.


Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and is part of Italy that you should definitely experience. The fantastic Sicily hides history and culture, while the beautiful coastlines form the basis for delicious beaches and wonderful bathing water. Sicily is a wonderful travel destination, which creates good opportunities for combination travel, where you can both get around and experience Sicily’s faces, while both beaches, palm trees and sea are waiting for you to be ready for relaxation. Sicily is i.a. home to Europe’s highest volcano, Etna, which Tourist takes you to. The small coastal town of Giarre, located close to Mount Etna, is also being explored on our tour of Sicily.


Sardinia is, like Sicily, an Italian island, which is a true paradise. The island is the second largest in the Mediterranean and offers everything from white sandy beaches to historic buildings. Sardinia forms good opportunities for combination travel, where you with Tourist get around and experience Sardinia’s cozy and local towns, cultural buildings and small mountain and coastal towns. On a round trip with Tourist you will, among other things. to experience the exciting cathedral, Alghero and Bosa, a small cozy coastal town in the rocky Sardinian countryside. Sardinia gives your trip a wonderful combination of city life, culture and beach holidays.

Southern Italy

According to countryaah, Italy is a country located in Southern Europe. Southern Italy offers you everything from beautiful and local towns to beautiful sandy beaches on the Ionian Sea. The southern part of Italy is a good starting point for a beach holiday in Europe, because the southern surroundings, the good food and the welcoming people provide an idyllic and wonderful holiday. With both Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii as tourist attractions, Southern Italy offers great opportunities for combination travel, where you can both see, experience and relax. Our beach holiday in Southern Italy includes to San Teodoro, where the most beautiful sandy beaches are next to the sea. If you want to relax with your book in a sun lounger, while the roaring waves of the sea sound in the background, and the sun’s warm rays warm your body, then San Teodoro is a good starting point for the perfect beach holiday.


The extremely popular travel destination, Tenerife, is an obvious option if you want a relaxing beach holiday with sparkling sandy beaches and cozy as well as local towns. Tenerife is home to beautiful sandy beaches and delicious hotels with lovely swimming pools, which quickly give you the feeling of a traditional and quiet beach holiday. If you choose to visit Tenerife at the right time of year, then you can expect high temperatures and nice bathing water. In addition, Tenerife is also home to the volcano Teide, the Mercedes forest and the Anage mountains. Tourist offers i.a. the great island tour where you get to see all that Tenerife has to offer.

Beach Holiday in Europe