Andermatt and Lugano, Switzerland


Andermatt is a municipality in Switzerland, which is located in the Urseren valley and belongs to the canton of Uri. Almost 1,500 people live here in the heart of the Swiss Alps at the foot of the Oberalp Pass, with almost 22 percent coming from abroad. Zurich and Lucerne can be reached by car in a maximum of one and a half hours. But only about 2 percent of the entire area is settlement area. More than 52 percent of the region is characterized by mountains and water, which is why travelers can expect a special natural experience here.

History of Andermatt

Researchers found arrowheads made of stone, which suggest that as early as 4,000 BC. BC the first people settled here. The Romans must have been here too, as there have been coins found that indicate this.
The first written mention of the place took place in 1203. The ethnic group of the Walser settled there, which was first at home in the Germanic area. But more than 200 years earlier, the Benedictine monastery of Disentis acquired its first basic rights here, which lasted until 1649.
Another important step was the expansion of the navigability of the Gotthard Pass between 1818 and 1830, which led to economic changes. From this point on, trade, tourism and spa stays were the most important sources of income and ensured prosperity. However, this quickly changed again when the Gotthard railway tunnel was opened in 1882 and the movement of goods shifted from road to rail.
In 1920 and 1946, the residents successfully defended themselves against several reservoir projects. The goal was that the entire high valley should become a reservoir through which one wanted to generate electricity.

Interesting sights in the region

Stroll through the community and look forward to the frescoed houses along the narrow streets. The parish church of St. Peter and Paul, which dates from the 17th century and was built in the Baroque style, is one of the most important places of worship in the entire canton and has a splendid interior design and an impressive organ.
The Teufelsbrücke in Schöllenental is also a popular destination. It has been of great strategic importance for centuries, as it was used by traders to quickly overcome the Gotthard Pass.

Activities in the Andermatt holiday region

In summer, long-distance hiking trails and mountain bike trails offer the best opportunities for a sporty experience of nature. In winter, the Andermatt-Sedrun ski area attracts many winter sports enthusiasts with around 120 kilometers of slopes. A well-developed network of winter hiking trails and cross-country skiing trails are also available.


The beautiful city of Lugano is one of the most worth seeing in Switzerland, which is already attractive in itself. As the largest city in Ticino, it is also its cultural center. The long history, first mentioned probably in the year 804, offers a variety of architectural treasures. We describe some of the sights of the city of Lugano, which, with around 60,000 inhabitants and their mentality, is particularly open to guests from all over the world.

On the shores of Lake Lugano

First of all, Lake Lugano, on which the city is located, should be mentioned. Lake Lugano is a popular destination, place for water sports activities and, last but not least, simply a wonderful sight.


Then the historic city center of Lugano offers an impressive array of historic buildings. A number of churches can be found here in the immediate vicinity. The most famous of these is the Church of San Lorenzo, which also originally dates from the 9th century and today consists of a mix of Romanesque and Gothic styles. There are also other churches in the city center and numerous palazzi. Particularly noteworthy is La Piccionaia. This palazzo dates from the 15th century.

The many museums in Lugano are also well worth a visit. Whether it should be the Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana or the Museo delle Culture depends on personal taste, alternatively it can also be the Swiss Customs Museum.

You should definitely go to Monte San Salvatore during your stay in Lugano in Ticino. This offers a wonderful view over most of the city and Lake Lugano.

The city also has a real treat as a travel destination in the form of a funicular railway that leads from the foot of Monte Bré to its summit. Here too, of course, you have a great view of the surrounding area. In addition, a ride on this funicular in Lugano is a real pleasure for all lovers of historic railways.

Study trip to Lugano

With a view of the sights mentioned, Lugano is particularly recommended as a destination for study trips, as there is a lot to discover here. But even as an individual traveler, you will certainly be able to enjoy the many options in Lugano. In spring and autumn, Lugano has a lot to offer culturally with numerous music festivals.

Lugano, Switzerland