Against Bodyshaming You Should Fight Back!

Bodyshaming is an unsightly trend in social networks and the real world. High time to fight against it!

Whether too thick, too thin, too big or too small: bodyshaming is a problem that anyone can meet – everywhere. Not only in the social networks, but also in the school, in the office or in the supermarket are women and men defamed because of physical characteristics. Many are also dissatisfied with their bodies. They can not accept and critically criticize their supposed problem areas themselves.

But there are ways to defend themselves against bodyshaming with self-awareness. Remember, no body is perfect. A message which is currently being presented by the Australian documentary film “Embrace – You’re Beautiful”.

“Embrace – You’re Beautiful” Makes Itself Strong Against Bodyshaming

The starting point for the documentary was a before-and-after image, which Taryn Brumfitt announced in 2013 on Facebook. The previous photo showed the triple mother trained in a bodybuilding contest. In the after-image, however, she presented herself as she looked without a hard training in the gym – with a few kilos more on the ribs. With this Fotocollage, she wanted to persuade women to love their bodies as they are and to encourage them not to be pressured by a supposed beauty ideals. The action of Taryn Brumfitt met with enthusiasm throughout the online community, so she decided to pursue the subject and make a film of it.

This is how “Embrace – you are beautiful”, in which the director talks with women about the question of why so many are dissatisfied with their bodies and what they can do about it. The message of the film: Free yourself from the pursuit of perfection and do not wage war against your body – love it as it is.

Active Against Bodyshaming: Women’s Power On The Net

Just as Taryn Brumfitt is making her documentation against bodyshaming, there are also more and more women in the social networks. A model for many users is the English plus size model Iskra Lawrence, which is always concerned with Instagram and Co. with beauty ideals and encourages women not to subordinate themselves to these. The model also sees itself in the social networks also with nasty comments about their alleged “fat” body confronted. But she is not intimidated by this.

When Iskra Lawrence was called “fat” by a Hater in 2016, she had the perfect answer. On Facebook and Instagram, she shared a photo, on which she is lying in underwear between immensity of chip pieces. She devoted this picture to everyone who has already been described as “fat” in her life.

And that was not all: she shared a meaningful video in which she poses in the underwear in front of the camera. At the moment of the recording, she is enjoying chips in her mouth – in slow motion. A clear message to your hater, which will still crown you at the end of the short clip by showing you the middle finger. She added the hashtag #everybodyisbeautiful to both the photo and the clip.

In addition, Iskra Lawrence uses her popularity in the online community to show women that bodies are not always as perfect as they seem in images. To illustrate this with the example of the notorious ideal “Thigh Gaps”, she shared a collage of two photos: on a picture she poses so that a thigh is visible. On the other, she changes her position. Et voilà, the gap is missing. The clear message behind it: Do not let yourself be confused by supposedly perfect bodies, the appearance can be deceptive!