Absolutely Fashionable: Marlene And Palazzo Trousers

A lot of leg width, comfortable fit at the buttocks and hips, and also extremely versatile: with Marlene and Palazzo trousers we are gladly weak-and not only on warm summers.

If garments like the wide-cut pants variants score both comfort and elegance, they are simply predestined to become favorite pieces. We show today in our post why the comfortable leggings are excellent styling partners especially for Plussize Ladies and how versatile they can be worn.

What Is The Difference Between Marlene And Palazzo Trousers?

No one less than the great Marlene Dietrich, we have to thank the fact that Marlene trousers meet us at every step. She slipped nonchalantly into men’s trousers and sakkos at the beginning of the 1930s, proving not only a lot of style, but also quite a lot of courage. To wear trousers was so far unusual for women. Marlene Dietrich made her-not without consciously playing with gender roles-with the salon. Her notorious legs “Dietrich” not only liked to be wicked in feminine clothes, but also deliberately provocatively in tight-cut men’s trousers.

Typical of the pants named after her, to which we now stand for these reasons, is the floor-length cut with straight trouser legs (often also with crease). Marlene pants sit on waist and should be worn with high shoes if possible. This lengthens the leg and ensures an upright posture.

The wide, straight cut is especially beneficial for small round women because he flatters the silhouette: broad thighs are skilfully covered by a marlene trousers; The legs have a longer and slimmer overall appearance.

Also Palazzoposen are a very feminine type of hosier, which is distinguished by curvy women.They are also narrow on the hip and are characterized by loosely cut trouser legs just like the marlene pants. From the knee to the more straight course of the Marlene trousers, however, literally a bit further: the extra leg width and soft flowing materials make the Palazzohose the perfect summer companion.

In terms of the length of the trousers in Marlene and Palazzo trousers there are just as much in terms of fabric quality, color and patterns: trousers that reach to the ankles and look at the most beautifully high shoes are also on offer like Marlene-And Palazzo trousers in 7/8 or 3/4 length. These can be worn well to flat sandals, sneakers, cloth or laced shoes.

Plussize Favorites With An Extra Wide Range: Marlene And Palazzo Trousers Are Styled

For women with curves, Marlene and Palazzo pants are ideal, because the figurative cut in the waist and waist area emphasizes a female figure, the wide trouser legs the silhouette but stretch nicely and make them appear overall slimmer.

Here are our favorites for Plussize-Marlene-and Palazzohosen:

The marinelook-especially stilecht with dark blue or white marlene trousers in the “sailor style”(typical for this are double-rowed gold-colored buttons at the waist), a white shirt, a blouse or a top, possibly a short blazer and gold-colored accessories , Summer, ahoy!

Elegant: A combination of dark marlene or palace trousers with noble, eye-catching top and high shoes – also as party look or for the job well suited. Top tip: Dark pants colors stretch the legs visually in addition, and patterned tops divert the view of the upper body. If the upper part simply fails, a statement chain can also be used as an eye-catcher. This makes even from Basic parts an exciting look. An open-worn, short-cut chest jacket or a pullover sweater can be used to emphasize the waist.

Due to the refined cut of Marlene and Palazzo trousers, it is important to provide optical compensation at the top! Shoulder straps that are too long to reach the hips will not impress the silhouette and will not make the pants cut to the best effect. Longer upper parts therefore simply “casual” in the front in the waist, which ensures a flattering waistcoat. Also a belt puts the body center in the focus.

High-heeled shoes are a good choice for small, round supporters of Marlene and Palazzo trousers, because they automatically look slimmer. Whether it’s pumps, peeptoes, wedges, stilettos, ankle boots or ankle boots, the choices are enormous.

To the comfortable summer palazzohose may be both flat toe separators, as well as ethnic or plateau sandals. Particularly exciting are patterned palazzo pants, which are combined to a fitting top. Courageous dare to mix the pattern-the best way to stay in a color family or look for recurring elements or colors, which makes the look coherent.

Despite the wide-cut trouser legs of Marlene and Palazzo trousers, the figure is not a problem when the upper body is emphasized. A jeansjacke or a short blouse can cover small problem zones, as well as voluminous tops are a good choice, which however should not be too wide in the waist range and therefore, for example, knotted or put into the pantsbund.

High wearing comfort, flattering silhouette: Whether casual or party look, serious business outfit or festive combi: Marlene and Palazzo trousers are currently the stars in the Plussize fashion heaven, which we hope will still be preserved for a while.