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The Importance of Horizontal Cross Necklaces

The Importance of Horizontal Cross NecklacesHorizontal cross is a very popular and modern trend in religious jewelry today - a jewelry trend that appears almost everywhere and among many celebrities. One might wonder what the horizontal cross means? The truth is that there is no specific definition of it but many have different definitions of the significance of this fast growing jewelry trend. At Plus Size Tips, you will find a large collection of horizontal cross jewelry, including necklaces that carry a powerful symbol and are visible.NORDIC SIGNIFICANCE


In the Nordic countries, the horizontal cross is called the Nordic Cross. They can be seen on the flags of Norway, Sweden and Denmark and have their origins in Denmark. It is said that the flag was given to Denmark in 1219. In the battle of Lyndanisse, it was rumored that the flag fell from the sky. Many believed that the flag was a sign from God to the Danish Armed Forces who later won the battle. Wear this symbol that represents pride, patriotism and Christianity of course, with the Engraved Side Cross Bracelet - a timeless piece of jewelry that can be worn every day.


For many, the horizontal cross is a symbol of Jesus who went out to save his people. When his work was completed, the cross was laid down and he no longer had to carry the weight of the cross. Some believe that it symbolizes the individual choice to choose God and his teachings and others believe that it symbolizes the earth that lies between heaven and hell, representing the struggle of mankind and the pursuit of God's word. Wear a spiritual and elegant piece of jewelry with our Sterling Silver Cross with engraving, a modern twist to the classic cross necklace.


For some, the horizontal cross is a fashion trend. The upright cross has been a trend in the fashion world for many many years, while the horizontal cross is a relatively new trend in recent years that is now taking over the jewelry trend. The horizontal cross is a sacred and beautiful piece of jewelry to wear that has been seen on many celebrities. Our 18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Cross with engraving is clearly visible and can be personified with a name or a significant word for a meaningful piece of jewelry.

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